Hop-Heads rejoice! Two popular Midwest breweries have released brand new Double IPA's into the market. Three Floyd's brewing has unshackled Apocalypse Cow, while New Holland Brewing has ushered in Imperial Hatter. We had a chance to experience both of these impressive brews over the weekend, and were captivated by both.   Apocalypse Cow, 10% ABV The first thing you will notice about Apocalypse Cow is the incredible artwork on the bomber, drawn by local Chicago artist Dan Grzeca. This beer is loaded with citrus hops, with some pine flavors taking a back seat to the orange and grapefruit sensations. Besides being incredibly hoppy and pretty bitter, this beer has a sweet side to it, likely from the lactose sugar Three Floyd's uses when brewing this "not normal" beer. Some alcohol can be detected in the taste, although overall, Apocalypse Cow has a higher than average drinkability for a 10% ABV beer. There have been whispers about Apocalypse Cow being better than Dreadnaught, which is Three Floyd's other double IPA. This very well could be true; you be the judge.   Imperial Hatter, 9.4% ABV Imperial Hatter is not quite the hop bomb that Apocalypse Cow is. That being said, Imperial Hatter is a very unique and balanced double IPA. It is full bodied and quite malty for the style, despite being loaded with cirtus and pine hop flavors. One thing that is evident from the inaugural sip is that the alcohol in this beer is non-existent, despite being 9.4%. Our bomber of Imperial Hatter was hastily depleted, confirming that it has an astonishing drinkability for a double IPA. This beer is not overly complex, which was pleasing in this instance. Imperial Hatter is a good value buy when juxtaposed with some other double IPA's.   Many beer drinkers are joining the growing ranks of hop heads, thus gravitating towards hoppy beers. Breweries are recognizing this, and releasing irresistible and mouth watering hop-tastic brews. Hopefully breweries will keep up with the trend and single and double IPA's will continue to invade the market.   **Note: Both of these beers are limited in production and attainability, especially Apocalypse Cow. Please call your local Binny's or email kyle@binnys.com to confirm availability.