UPDATE: The Saturday morning rocket appearance has been moved to the Downers Grove Binny's Beverage Depot.

  Ardbeg has a 30 foot rocket. They're bringing it to Binny's.   Sure, Binny's has hosted events featuring horsesmotorcyclescarsmore motorcycles, and a truck, but we're pretty sure this is the first time we'll see an extra-terrestrial form of transportation. Pretty sweet, yeah?   In late 2011, a rocket blasted off the face of the Earth with some precious cargo: a research experiment by Ardbeg. No, they didn't launch whisky into space. What they did launch was an experiment involving aromatic and flavor-active compounds called terpenes, to test their interaction at the molecular level with charred oak in the low gravity environment of space. It gets a bit sciencey. Will this radically change the way we age spirits?   Anyway, they're touring the country with a full-size replica of the rocket. Binny's is honored to be the launching pad for the 28 week tour. Along with the rocket, Ardbeg will be taking names for their committee and sampling out some of their recent single malt offerings. Don't miss it! Locations and times after the jump...  

Ardbeg Rocket Tour

Binny's Chicago - Lakeview Thursday, May 3, 4:00-7:00 pm - Binny's Chicago - Lincoln Park
Friday, May 4, 4:00-7:00 pm - Binny's Downers Grove
Saturday, May 5, 12:00-3:00 pm  - Binny's Arlington Heights
Saturday, May 5, 5:30-8:30 pm