On October 30, 2011, Ardbeg became the first distillery in the known universe to launch into space. To test the impact low gravity has on the whisky aging process, Ardbeg sent vials of chemical compounds called terpenes to rest in the International Space Station, where they orbited the Earth fifteen times a day at a speed of 17,227 miles per hour. Science! Now that the test is over and the vials are safely back on Earth, Ardbeg is sharing the experience with you during two special events at Binny's.  

Ardbeg Odyssey Tour Binny's Oak Brook Friday, June 5, 4-7 pm


Ardbeg Odyssey Tour & Ardbeg Day Celebration Binny's Chicago - Lincoln Park Saturday, June 6, 1-4 pm


  Ardbeg Odyssey Tour Binny's Oak Brook Friday, June 5, 4-7 pm   The first stop on the Binny's Ardbeg Odyssey Tour is all about that space... You'll know Ardbeg is here when you see the Odyssey trailer parked outside the newest Binny's location in Oak Brook. The trailer features an interactive space capsule simulator where you can get your picture taken inside the cramped confines of this spacecraft replica. But that's not all. They're bringing the actual vials that endured nearly three years of space travel. And don't miss the chance to try your hand at a new take on a classic console video game with Islay Invaders on site. It wouldn't be an event without some sampling, so be sure to try Ardbeg's Earth-aged lineup, including 10 Year Old, Corryvreckan, Uigedail, and the all-new, 2015 limited release, Perpetuum.  

Ardbeg Odyssey Tour

  Ardbeg Odyssey Tour + Ardbeg Day Binny's Chicago - Lincoln Park Saturday, June 6, 1-4 pm   We're dialing things up at the next tour stop. First, everything from the Odyssey Tour will make it to Binny's Lincoln Park: The trailer with space capsule simulator, actual space-traveled vials, Islay Invaders, and of course the samples. But we're taking things to another level to celebrate Ardbeg Day and the launch of Ardbeg's latest limited release, Perpetuum. Make your way back to the Lincoln Park Tasting Room for this extra special Ardbeg Day event.   Ardbeg Day is the Islay distillery's way of saying thanks to the Ardbeg Committee, giving members a chance to gather and celebrate. 2015 is an extra special year for Ardbeg, marking the distillery's 200th anniversary. So of course we'll have a 200th birthday cake. Ardbeg's National Brand Ambassador, Dan Crowell, will be on site talking malts. And in annual tradition, the day marks the launch of this year's limited release, Ardbeg's new Perpetuum.   Ardbeg PerpetuumArdbeg Perpetuum $99.99 Ardbeg's latest limited release is matured in bourbon and sherry casks, bottled at 47.4% and non-chill filtered. From the producer: "Mellow, rich and enticing, with the unmistakable Ardbeggian combination of tar, soot and pine resin. A remarkably fresh bouquet for such a peaty whisky. Creamy and mouth-chilling, slightly chewy on the palate. The finish is intense, with robust peat smoke, savory smoky bacon, cinnamon and nutmeg, but also an incredible creamy, sweet vanilla/milk chocolate note, which soothes the palate.”