Yes, we have Ardbeg Alligator at Binny's. No, there isn't very much, and it won't last long. ...That seems like a good way to start this thing. We've received a lot of questions about the Ardbeg Alligator regular release lately. Your best chance to get a bottle is to stop by your favorite Binny's location; maybe call ahead to make sure they have a bottle or two. You might have to ask for it by name. Act soon because demand is high and the stuff is selling through. For those who don't know: Alligator is a recent special bottling from Ardbeg. Though the distillery has been around for just short of two centuries, this newest incarnation is relatively young, with production spanning just over a decade. Because they can't rely on a massive library of aging whiskies, Ardbeg has released a series of innovative and interesting (and well-marketed) bottlings to build their fanbase. They're doing something right. Ardbeg Alligator was originally a committe release - great if you're a member but not so great for us, as Ardbeg can't ship to the US or Canada. The regular release we now have is from the same batch. The main difference seems to be the color of the label. The Alligator is essentially Ardbeg 10 year old (itself no slouch) with a portion resting in ex-bourbon barrels with "Alligator char," char so heavy that is makes the inside of the barrels look like the cracked skin of an alligator. I tasted a sample recently. I have to say, this is admirable whisky. The nose is great, with graham cracker cereal grain framed in honey and a little ham. Plenty of peat without being overblown. There's big caramel on the palate, but the body thins out as the spirited nature of the thing takes over. There's some pepper, some smoke and copper, spice, pepper and vanilla, and alcohol. This is great, if it does seem youthful. It's a sign that things are only going to get better. So yeah. It's going fast. Grab a bottle while you can and see what the fuss is all about.