If you are reading this blog post, you are probably familiar with our month long beer sales that that have been going on for the better part of the past three months. The savings kicked off with Belgian beers in April, followed by craft beer in May, and international beer for the month of June. We thought about taking a break from the beer sales, but have decided to try something new and innovative. For the entire month of July, Binnys will be having a sale featuring beer kegs.   Basically every keg will be on sale throughout the month of July besides Bud, Miller, and Leinenkugel products. We would love to put these three brands on sale too, but reducing their already low prices is unfortunately out of the question. Most of the more expensive kegs, such as European imports and American craft, will see an average of about $30 dollars slashed off their price. Like the old saying goes, "Go big or go home:" July will be the ideal time to get that keg that has always been on your radar but just out of your price range.   If you want to know the original and sale price of a keg, or want any information whatsoever regarding the keg sale, email kyle@binnys.com, or visit our website for a complete list of the featured kegs.    This is the first time that Binnys has ever focused a sale on beer kegs; we are very interested to see how this will pan out. We would love to hear from you, so, if you have any input, questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment.