Six years ago, Schmaltz Brewing Company (HeBrew) brewed up Jewbelation 8. The next year produced Jewbelation 9, and in successive years we saw Jewbelation 10, 11, and 12. This year, as you may have already guessed, HeBrew released Jewbelation 13. This beer also goes by the name of Bar Mitzvah. The tradition of releasing a new Jewbelation beer each winter includes a twist. The first Jewbelation (8) consisted of 8 different malt varieties, 8 different hop varieties, and was 8% ABV. Each year another hop and malt variety is added, and the brew rises 1% ABV to match the number of malts and hops. That means that this years Jewbelation is comprised of 13 malt varieties, 13 hop varities, and is 13% ABV.


Not only is it tough to find a beer that is 13% ABV, to only pay $4.99 at Binnys for it makes things that much better. Combine the incredible price point with the fact the beer tastes fantastic, and it is no wonder that Jewbelation 13 is flying off of our shelves. When we popped our bottle of Bar Mitzvah, the first thing that invaded our nostrils and palates was a boatload of chocolate. Hints of vanilla and caramel flavors were apparent, along with flavors of dark fruits. An underlying sweetness was there for the entirety of the brew. Some hops were noticeable, but overall, the 13 malts dominate the 13 hops and result in a very rich and malty beer. A hint of warming alcohol is noticeable on the finish, but overall, this beer masks the alcohol quite well for being 13%ABV.


The title of the December eighth beer blog is, The Best Beer Bargain in the Store? and was in reference to Mendocino Imperial IPA. While it is tough to argue with a six pack of a delicious double IPA at $5.99, if anyone can dispute this title it would be HeBrew Jewbelation 13. You just dont see beers this good and this high in alcohol for fewer than five dollars. It will be interesting to see how long HeBrew continues the tradition of adding a malt variety, a hop variety, and tacking on 1% ABV to the beer. Do you think they can keep this up for another six years (and also somehow keep the same price point)?