San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing is a craft beer pioneer. Not only were they one of the first breweries in the US to brew the long forgotten India Pale Ale style of beer, but in doing so they reintroduced Americans to the beauty of dry hopping. Dry hopping involves adding hops to a beer after the boil, allowing them to slowly leech out a myriad of wonderful hop flavors and big bright hop aromatics without extracting bitterness. Anchor’s latest release introduces their yeast and malty Steam beer to a double dose of dry hopping. Try it side by side with the original and see what a difference some hops can make!  

Anchor Brewing Binny's


Anchor Steam Beer

Few breweries are as closely associated with a particular beer style as Anchor is with Steam Beer. A unique product of the 19th century, Steam Beer is fermented in large shallow vats with lager yeast but at ale yeast temperatures. The resulting beer is fruity and floral with rich caramel malts balanced by woodsy Northern Brewer hops. When Anchor artfully brews this American classic it’s Steam Beer, for everyone else it’s a California Common.  

Anchor Dry Hopped Steam Beer

Dry hopped with Cascade and a new experimental hop known simply as No. 484, Anchor’s riff on their classic Steam Beer is piney and citrusy on the nose. Still rich and full bodied, it leans a bit more towards the hoppy side of things, with a long pronounced hop finish that is resinous and minty. A Steam Beer for the 21st century!   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!