It has been five years since the pioneers of the craft beer movement introduced Anchor Bock as the third seasonal beer in their lineup. The wait is over, as Anchor Brewing Company sent Humming Ale our way this week.  The fourth beer in Anchor's seasonal lineup will be an annual fall offering, scheduled to be available from August through November.  Humming Ale is brewed to pay homage to the founding of the company 113 years ago, and the opening of Anchor's new brew house 30 years ago.

Like the year round offering Liberty Ale from Anchor, Humming Ale is a pale ale.  The two brews share some striking similarities, although Humming Ale is loaded with citrus hops, while Liberty Ale is dominated by piney hops.  We could not help thinking that Humming Ale is exactly what a pale ale is supposed to taste like; it seems if Anchor has yet again set a benchmark for a style.

Don't miss your chance to try this authentic ale from one of the innovators of craft beer-- Anchor Brewing Company.  Humming Ale is delicious, straightforward, and extremely fresh right now.  What is your favorite Anchor brew?