We all know how well barley wines and many stouts age, as well as several Belgian styles of beer.  But what about aging obscure styles, like herb and spiced beer, or fruit beer?  Yesterday we experimented with two vintages of Dogfish Head Midas Touch, one bottled in May 2009, the other bottled in April 2010.

For those not familiar with Midas Touch, it is based off of the oldest known fermented recipe in the world.  The Turkish inspired beverage uses ingredients from 2700 year old drinking vessels discovered in the tomb of King Midas.  Some notable ingredients used in this brew are saffron, white muscat grapes, and honey.

The aged version of Midas was sweeter, spicier, and fuller bodied than its newer counterpart.  Its appearance was cloudier, and it had superior head retention as well as lacing.  It had a lot of additional flavors going on, due to the fact that it wasnt nearly as boozy as the fresher version.  The noticeable alcohol presence in the fresh Midas seemed to drown out most of the characteristics that made the aged version so desirable.  One thing was for sure:  setting this beer down for over a year improved it tenfold.

Time and again high alcohol aged beer outshines fresh versions.  Once the alcohol dies down, other flavors break the surface and shine through.  What is the most obscure beer that you have aged?