Adriaen Brouwer Dark Gold Ale is now available exclusively at all Binnys locations. It is brewed by Roman Brewery in Oudenaarde, Belgium. Even though Adriaen Brouwer Dark Gold Ale is a newly crafted beer, there is nothing new about Roman Brewery. The brewery has been in business since 1545, and is currently on its fourteenth generation of owners. Even more impressive is the fact that the Roman family has been in the very spot where the brewery stands since the first century A.D. In addition to Adrian Brouwer, Roman's other prospering international brands are Sloeber, and the Ename line of Abbey Ales.


In case you were wondering what exactly a Dark Gold Ale is, think dobbel bruin in Belgian terms.   This double brown ale clocks in at 8% ABV. As you can see from the picture, Adriaen Brouwer pours a deep brown, almost black color. It has a thick and creamy head that left some incredible zig zag lacing as the beer descended towards the bottom of the glass. The flavors start off with a rich dose of caramel malt, followed by tastes of dark fruits. Other background flavors include chocolate, coffee, and spices. Classic Belgian yeast is prominent throughout the entirety of the brew. Adrian Brouwer is rich, full bodied, creamy, and delicious. It pairs well with soft and creamy cheeses, especially blues.


We urge you to endeavor the terrific beers of Roman Brewery. After all, the main reason why Roman has been in business for over 450 years is because they craft delectable beers. Adriaen Brouwer Dark Gold Ale is the current generation of owners contribution to the historical brewing practice of their family. They are two brothers who are passionate about Belgian beer and look to share their family's historic roots with you through the release of Adriaen Brouwer Dark Gold Ale.