A Snappy New Sour from Avery

Something new is always brewing in Boulder. Interest in barrel aged beer has never been bigger and following recent expansions, Avery Brewing is putting more beer into wood than ever. In addition to periodic rare releases, they've introduced a YEAR ROUND series of barrel aged beer under the name Botanicals Barrels. Some bracingly sour, others lusciously sweet - these gems are hiding in plain sight.  

Avery Brewing


Avery Ginger Sour

Some sours are subtle, and others are not. Like their Apricot Sour, this Ginger Sour brings the tartness in a big way. Spicy ginger and lactic acidity might seem like a volatile combo, but the two meld beautifully here. Ginger heat is limited, making for a lively and mouthwatering finish.   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!