It was a couple of weeks ago when I went back to my hometown for a friend's wedding. While in town, I stopped by the house I was raised in and checked in on my parents. We all had a good time.

  But I noticed something. They have a cute little wine rack. It holds about six wine bottles. It is sitting on the kitchen counter, right above the dishwasher, between the microwave and the floor-to-ceiling glass door to the back yard. And of course, this wine rack still has several bottles of wine that I have given them over the last three or four years.

  Wine storage 101: It is best to store wine away from big fluctuations in temperature and humidity, away from  vibration and in darkness. I would imagine that the worst possible place to store wine would be above a heating element on a windowsill in a bathroom. Or in a garage, I guess. But there, on the counter in the kitchen, above the dishwasher, that gave me a headache.

  Plus, the particular wines I had given them, the wines still on the cute little wine rack, are not wines meant for long-term aging. Not even in optimal cellar conditions.

  So here's my new question of etiquette: What do you do when you see a bottle you have given somebody not being enjoyed, and even stored improperly? You gave them the bottle, after all, you should want them to like it.

  Keep in mind: I don't want to sound like a know-it-all. I don't like telling people what to do, and I especially don't like correcting people. Plus, I'm still afraid of being labelled with the dreaded term wine snob.

  So what do you say? Do you offer to open it and taste it with them? Do you remind them to open the wine soon? Do you instruct them in proper wine storage? Do you keep your mouth shut and hope they open it some time and forget that it was you who gave them the bottle?

  Here's what I did:


  I bailed.

  But it stuck in my mind for a couple of weeks. I thought about it, and then I called up my mom on the phone. I asked her permission to use her as an example on the Binny's Wine Blog. It seemed like a good way to broach the subject. She asked what I was talking about, and I told her about the bottles on her counter. We talked about proper wine storage and so on. She asked which bottles I was talking about, and when I gave her an example, this is what she said:

  But I can't open that wine! That's DITKA'S wine! You can't just OPEN Ditka's wine!

    So what do you think? Would you say anything? What would you do?