Just because they havent been brewing for hundreds of years, doesnt mean their beer isnt top notch. While so many Belgian breweries are rich in family history, there are some newer ones starting their own traditions. The Musketeers Brewery fits this category, having been founded in 2000. When four friends and graduates of the best known brewing school in Belgium collectively found it hard to get jobs as brew masters, they decided to combine their knowledge and passion for beer by creating Troubadour Blond.


Most of the breweries we visited in Belgium boast a blond ale. While each and every one of these beers are respectable, there was something about Troubadour Blond that made it a unanimous favorite of the blond style among our group. It looks like we arent the only ones who hold this beer in high regard, as the The Bros from beeradvocate.com rated Troubadour Blond an A+.


Troubadour Blond is very easy to drink and clocks in at 6.5% ABV.  The flavor is spicy, yeasty, and citrusy. An above average carbonation and pleasant creamy mouthfeel leads into a smooth and semi sweet finish. We recommend pairing Troubadour Blond with any seafood dish, as the duo will accent each other perfectly. This beer is truly spot on, and earns the highest honors in our books.


The four friends created Troubadour Obscura in 2003, after being inspired by the success of Troubadour Blond and recognizing a market demand for stronger and darker beers. Troubadour Obscura is dark brown with red hues, harnessing a thick and creamy head. The complex flavor consists of roasted malts, chocolate, coffee, molasses, plenty of dark fruits, and a hint of cherry and licorice. The 8.5% ABV is very deceptive in this easy drinking Belgian mild stout. This beer pairs well with many foods, as it went perfectly with our beef brisket dinner as well as dessert.


Troubadour Blond and Obscura speak for themselves. To be able to go in and compete locally with brands that have been established for hundreds of years is a testament to the beer. The Troubadour beers have been so successful in Belgium that we are now seeing them appear on our shelves at Binnys. Do yourself a favor and try one of the best New Belgian breweries out there.