Fruit beers are definitely not for everyone, which is why we were surprised that one of  the most popular beers at our recent Binny's craft beer road shows was Bridgeport Stumptown Tart.  Unfortunately, we had to inform customers that this beer was not available for purchase in our stores, because Bridgeport had not yet decided to bring it to the Chicago market.  Well, as if on cue, Bridgeport has decided to bring Stumptown Tart to our stores, with a tentative availability window of May-September.


The craft beer road show attendees had a chance to sample the 2010 Stumptown Tart (pictured on right), which was brewed with over one ton of raspberries per batch.  The 2011 version due to hit our stores is infused with a totally different fruit, Oregon's own Willamette Valley strawberries, also in the form of one ton per batch.  The 2011 Stumptown Tart clocks in at 7.7% ABV,and supposedly is crisp, refreshing, and wickedly tart.


Sometimes it amazes us just how many customers come into our stores looking for strawberry flavored beer...and the lack of breweries that craft them.  Do you have a favorite strawberry injected brew?