In case you havent heard, Binnys is moving into Downers Grove, and is slated to open up in late summer or early fall. The newest Binnys will be located in the old Circuit City on Highland Avenue near Yorktown mall. This location will be a little different than most of the Binnys locations though; it is going to be a meca for micro brews, boasting a tasting bar with 32 delectable beers on tap. These arent just going to be any old taps either; Binnys in Downers Grove is going to have only craft and imported beer on tap. This is great news for beer lovers, as the 32 tap beer bar is going to feature beers on tap not available anywhere else in the area.   We are open to suggestions as to what should be put on tap. Obviously the taps will occasionally rotate, but is there something you think should never come off tap? Is there something you have always wanted to drink on tap, but have never gotten the opportunity? We are here to please the consumer, and will value your ideas on what kind of beers the 32 tap tasting room should encompass.  Any other suggestions as to how to make the Downers Grove Binny's a meca for craft brews would be greatly appreciated.   The person or persons with the best contributions of beers that they think should be on tap will win free pints, courtesy of me. Be sure to include a reason why your favorite beer should be on tap at Binnys in Downers Grove. A couple of my front runners include Founders Reds Rye and Lagunitas Censored. What are yours?   **If you want to suggest a seasonal beer to be put on tap, keep in mind that the store is scheduled to open in late summer or early fall.**