Every year, Skokie throws a big multicultural party, with folk music and dance, food, arts and crafts, games, merch and a whole bunch of displays celebrating cultures spanning the globe. I've been there; it's fun. It is aptly called the Skokie Festival of Cultures. This year, for the first time, Binny's is excited to join in the celebration.  

Binny's International Beer Tasting at the 2013 Skokie Festival of Cultures May 18 & 19, 2-6 pm Oakton Park, 4701 West Oakton St. $10 for six international 3 ounce beers and a free beer mug

  Leave it to Binny's to mix things up. We're featuring different beers across the two days. We worked out the tasting to have some fun with different and similar styles.   Of course, all beer has an international background. Europe has its classic styles; the US has taken those styles and put their own twist into them. Each day, we're featuring three domestic and three imports. Imports include the UK, Germany, and Austria. Domestically, we will pour beers from Chicago, Oregon, Hawaii, and Kansas. The lists:      

Saturday Revolution Anti-Hero Boulevard 80 Acre Radeburger Pilsner Stiegl Grapefruit Radler Deschutes Chainbreaker Samuel Smith Taddy Porter


Sunday Revolution Anti-Hero Boulevard 80 Acre Kona Longboard Lager Stiegl Grapefruit Samuel Smith Taddy Porter Hofbrau Original

  Remember, it's just ten bucks to join us for this tasting, and you'll get a three ounce pour of each, plus your own commemorative mug to remember the occasion. Join us!