Heads up! The 2010 Bordeaux en premier campaign is gaining momentum now. Check this link to see our current offerings. We're rolling out several new futures today, in addition to the four 2010's we have had so far. Expect the list to grow in the coming weeks, as more Chateaux release their wines to the market.

   Check the link often, especially if you have a wish list of futures you're hoping to get your hands on. We have very little advance notice when any particular Chateau will hit the market, and of course we try to pass each new wine along to you as quickly as we can.

   Remember, this is your opportunity to buy Bordeaux from everyday values to world-class sluggers at what will likely be the lowest prices possible.

   For more about the 2010 vintage, you can check out Doug's post on the Binny's Blog. The vintage is seeing glowing praise, even as critics concede the absurdity of declaring four vintages of the decade!!! (or century or lifetime or whatever) all in one ten year stretch. Add to that the unusually late start for this year's campaign, the still wobbly global financial climate, the effects of big new markets and steadily increasing prices not just for the top chateaux, but on labels that used to offer steady value. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with this vintage.