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Pics from June 2012 Taste at the Track – Plus Your Feedback



What an excellent afternoon we had for the big Binny’s & Arlington Park Taste at the Track event on Saturday! We had a great time – with over 300 wines open (an increase of 50% over last year), food from great Chicagoland restaurants, rocking music by How Far to Austin, plus seminars, horse racing and more…


A big thanks goes out to everyone who joined us – without you we couldn’t host great events like these. Thanks to the support from our local distributors and pourers. Thanks to the restaurants who supplied some great eats: Wildfire, Lee & Eddie’s, Mon Ami Gabi, Ra Sushi and Redstone American Grill.


Pics and your feedback after the jump…


Okay. We got a lot of great feedback, both glowing in positivity and also some constructive criticism. We’re doing this thing again in September (join us at the Track on September 8th!) and we want it to be better than ever, so we’d love to hear your ideas. Our list of areas to improve include: more tables with fewer wines per table ♦ lose the wristband food tickets ♦ have event bags with food tickets, wine glass, pen and order sheets ♦ sell fewer tickets ♦ overhead table numbers ♦ more people pouring ♦ tents for shading the red wines.  Leave a comment below, and let’s make the next Taste at the Track the tastiest yet.


And now, more Pics from the Track:


P.S. I was the guy with the brutal sunburn. 30 SPF sunscreen is a joke.

10 thoughts on “Pics from June 2012 Taste at the Track – Plus Your Feedback

  1. I think what contributed to the overall long wait times for wine tastes and difficulty getting around was that people tended to stand at each table for long periods of time, sampling multiple wines in a row, swirling and sipping as though they were at a private wine tasting in Napa instead of at a crowded event with 10 people behind them waiting for a turn. More attention should be paid to improving the traffic flow and encouraging people to step aside after a sip or two so that others could have a chance to sample the offerings.

  2. It was definitely too crowded. Please sell less tickets, have more people pouring, and put the table numbers up high so they can be seen. BTW–when will our orders be in?

    • Thanks for your feedback. Orders may take as long as a week – some stores don’t stock everything that was available at the event, and it takes time to round everything up. Are you looking forward to some excellent new discoveries?

  3. I agree completely with Bonnie’s Suggestion of: “Please sell less tickets, have more people pouring, and put the table numbers up high so they can be seen.” Also, encourage the people pouring the wines to keep their wines in cold water/ice, even the reds. Some did an excellent job with this at the track such as the Beaujolais table which was my favorite of the tasting, while other tables were serving 95-degree wine. Also, having water pitchers at the tables would be appreciated. And on a more personal note, please feature more Lopez de Heredia wines – the Gravonia was incredible!

  4. Beautiful day… many wonderful wines…. and great people. Hopefully the next one will run smoother. It definitely way too crowded… lines were crazy and wait time for a taste was too long for a one ounce pour. Maybe sell less tickets AND have twice the amount of tables with more pourers.

  5. A great event, but as a meeting planner, there are lots of things I would do differently. The line to enter the tasting area was un-organized and dis-orderly. Then, once inside, the table lines were even more out of hand. There should have been more people pouring, and/or more tables dispensing wine. One of the food tables ran out of their samples (Wildfire salad), and so they were giving away pieces of cornbread!? The line to get a $5 plate of food was absurd. Why only 1 line/table?

    Overall, I think for the $25 price, there should have been less tickets sold so that people had a chance to sample all the wines and really enjoy the event.

    Not sure I’d return next time.

  6. I agree with all comments above….Also, the tables should not butt up one next to the other to allow more room for movement. We were very dissappointed with this event and plan not to attend again. The premier event was always at the Drury Inn…..

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