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Durango Brewing Co. En Route to Binny’s

Within the next couple weeks, Binny’s will be receiving a shipment from Colorados third oldest microbrewery, Durango Brewing Co.  This will be the first time Chicago sees distribution of Durango’s brews, and Illinois will be one of the lone states where you will find Durango’s beers outside of Colorado.  Binny’s will be featuring 6 different beers from Durango, 5 of which will be available in 6-packs, meaning that you will find them in your local Binny’s craft your own 6-pack rack.  Look for these selections in the coming weeks:


Durango Wheat Beer

Using water born from high in the San Juan Mountains, D-Wheat (local name) is an American-Style Wheat with domestic barley and wheat malts. It’s gold in color and has a moderate body, yet a crisp, full flavor.


Durango Golden Ale

Brewed with domestic malts and hops to impart a delicate character yet one of unusual pallor and cleanness. This beer is light in body but not in taste and a refreshing alternative to any national domestic.


Durango Amber Ale

An American-Style Amber Ale brewed with both domestic and imported malts. It has deep amber color, medium body, and mild hop bitterness making it a well balanced refreshing beer.


Durango Dark Lager

An American-Style Dark Lager brewed with Crystal and Chocolate malts. This beers deep mahogany color, medium body, and mild hopping result in a smooth light bodied, easy drinking dark beer.


Durango Derail Ale

We set the gauge a little high on this one. What resulted was the big bodied, high gravity ale. The beer has a beautiful golden color, with a great hop and aroma balance. (Derail is a two time GABF gold medal winner).


Durango Hop Hugger

..Brewed with three different malts and six varieties of hops.  This IPA is one of the most quaffable you will find.  Its balanced in such a way that the bitterness doesnt leave you puckering like so many IPAs.  Sure to please even the most discerning hop-head..


5 thoughts on “Durango Brewing Co. En Route to Binny’s

  1. The Derail is a two time GABF gold medal winner, you can’t argue with that. We were also very impressed with the Dark Lager and Hop Hugger.

  2. BA is not the Holy Grail of beer. Yes, the brothers posts can be helpful but I have enjoyed many beers panned on BA. Not every beer can be “extreme” or have an ABV over 7% to be delicious. That said, get yourself a Mikkeller Hop Burn…..WOW!

  3. Yeah, if we all bought beer based solely on BA ratings, we could probably cut our selection back from 1,000+ to a few dozen.

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