1. Barrel to Bottle: Cans: Reloaded

    Barrel to Bottle: Cans: Reloaded

    CAN. YOU. DIG. IT? Team Truly or Team White Claw? Since the last time the Barrel to Bottle crew covered this topic, cans have blown up. Binny's stores have stacks on stacks on stacks of hard seltzers, hard waters and canned cocktails, and there are new products every week. And don't forget about canned wines either! How did we get here? What are these things exactly? All of your questions will be answered, plus wind down your summer with some warm weather drink recs during the Customer Q&A.

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  2. Barrel to Bottle: Flavor-Blasted

    Barrel to Bottle: Flavor-Blasted

    Are you ready to get FLAVOR BLASTED?! If you like bolder flavors, if you only vacation in Flavor Country, if you like things turned up to 11, then this is the episode for you! The Barrel to Bottle crew blind tastes four flavor-blasted whiskies and then follows that up with six flavor-blasted beers. Plus, how do they fare on the vaunted Flavor-Blasted Scale? You'll have to listen to find out! The flavor-blasted whiskeys: Pennington's Strawberry Rye Whiskey, Ballotin Bourbon Ball Flavored Whiskey, William Wolf Coffee Whiskey and Jefferson's Barrel-aged Manhattan. The flavor-blasted beers: Hopewell Clover Club, Goose Island Lost Palate, Founders Mas Agave, Central Waters Rum Barrel Aged Coconut Porter, Odd Side Ales Hipster Brunch Stout and Jackie O's You're In the Jungle Now, Baby! Plus in the Customer Q&A, Top 3 Desert Island Beers from the Barrel to Bottle crew.

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  3. Barrel to Bottle: Rum

    Barrel to Bottle: Rum

    It's finally here: the long-awaited RUM episode. Pat breathlessly shares his passion for this often misunderstood spirits category, and although it's a podcast and you can't see it, Roger dressed up like a pirate. You'll learn all about the rich Caribbean and global history of rum, and all about rum's complicated production including what a "muck pit" is. Actually, it's exactly what you're imagining. The team tastes El Dorado 3 Year, El Dorado 15 year, Plantation Fiji, the shockingly funky Two James Doctor Bird and Foursquare Premise. Stick around for listener Q&A, when the team explains charcoal filtering and the Lincoln County process, and other bourbon myths.


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  4. Barrel to Bottle: Growing the Little Guy with Koval's Sonat Birnecker Hart

    Barrel to Bottle: Growing the Little Guy with Koval's Sonat Birnecker Hart

    What started as a cool little Chicago darling has grown to become a global distilling presence: Koval. President and cofounder Sonat Birnecker Hart started Koval with her husband Robert, opting to buy a still instead of a house. Sonat walks the team through what it takes to grow the little guy: a lot of effort, knowledge and care. The team tastes Koval Bourbon and Rye, and Koval Gin and Cranberry Gin. Sonat covers the range, from an insider's view into distilling whiskies the brandy way, to the magic behind Koval's award winning package designs. Oh, and what happened to the spelt whiskey. Plus, in this week's Q&A segment, what bourbon would Animal drink, if he were real (and not a muppet)?

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  5. Barrel to Bottle: World Class Whiskey From a Subtropical Climate?

    Barrel to Bottle: World Class Whiskey From a Subtropical Climate?

    World class whisky from a sub tropical climate? Kavalan makes it look easy. In this special Whiskey Hotline episode of Barrel to Bottle, Pat, Brett and Joe taste their way through Kavalan's offerings with Master Blender Ian Chang. Taiwan's first distillery has been running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since opening in 2006. Ian also teases Kavalan's upcoming triple pot distilled single malt gin, and helps the guys during the Q&A segment, featuring your question about barrel placement in rackhouses.


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  6. Confessions of a Mixologist: Blackberry Bourbon Smash

    Confessions of a Mixologist: Blackberry Bourbon Smash

    The Blackberry Bourbon Smash is a quick, spicy and fresh cocktail with bright eye-catching color. Its herbaceous aromatics artfully accent a wide variety of table fare.

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  7. Barrel to Bottle: A Walk Down Gin Lane

    Barrel to Bottle: A Walk Down Gin Lane

    Gin: it's a canvas for expression to distillers, a clutch tool to elevate cocktails for mixologists, and an excitingly diverse spirit for the Barrel to Bottle team to taste. Binny's Skokie Assistant Manager Shannon leads the podcast team through a tour of some of her recent gin discoveries: Boone County Jail Gin, Old Elk Distillery Dry Town Gin, Copper & Kings American Dry Gin, Few Spirits Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin, Sipsmith London Sloe Gin and the limited Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice. Stick around for this week's Q&A segment: it's a stumper that tests the team's Scotch smarts.

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  8. Barrel to Bottle: #TryRye and More with Old Forester's Jackie Zykan

    Barrel to Bottle: #TryRye and More with Old Forester's Jackie Zykan

    Old Forester is making a huge comeback, propelled by great new releases and the contributions of fresh blood including Master Taster Jackie Zykan. Jackie joins the Barrel to Bottle team to taste through some excellent bottles from Old Forester, including two now nearly unobtainable Binny's handpicks (a few bottles are still out there, so if you see one, buy it!) plus Old Fo's 1897 Bottled in Bond and their new 100 Proof Rye. Topics include tasting to a brand's profile, what is the mullet of bourbon whiskey, not being an ageist or a floorist, tasting flaws and blind spots and why having more or fewer taste buds don't specifically make you a better or worse taster. And stick around for the Q&A segment - this week the team gives away three $20 gift cards and answers your questions. #tryrye #oldfonotjustforoldfolks

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  9. Barrel to Bottle: Ian Millar Talks Glenfiddich and More

    Barrel to Bottle: Ian Millar Talks Glenfiddich and More

    Ian Millar has seen it all and has the stories and knowledge to prove it. Ian and Kirstin Grant of William Grant & Sons join the Barrel to Bottle Crew for a conversation about the past, present and future of Glenfiddich. It wouldn't be a Barrel to Bottle podcast without sampling some of their fine Scotch, including the Glenfiddich 12-year-old, Glenfiddich 14-year-old and Fire & Cane, a blend of peated and unpeated Scotch, aged in Rum barrels. Plus, Ian and the team revisit the legendary Annasach Reserve 25 Year blend.

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  10. Barrel to Bottle Episode 78: Westland's Matt Hofmann Defines American Single Malt

    Barrel to Bottle Episode 78: Westland's Matt Hofmann Defines American Single Malt

    Not only is Westland Distillery leading the charge for American single malt whiskey, but they're capturing the Pacific Northwest in every bottle of single malt whiskey they produce (yes, whiskey with an E, it's American). Westland cofounder and master distiller Matt Hofmann leads the Barrel to Bottle team through an in-depth tour of his whiskies, from their core range - American Oak, Peated, and Sherry Wood - plus multiple years from their limited Peat Week and Garryana releases. Stick around for the Q&A segment, when the team answers your question for a $20 Binny's gift card. This week, it's all about grain whiskey.

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