1. Beer Buzz: Liberty Sandwich

    Beer Buzz: Liberty Sandwich

    Liberty Sandwich? Chances are you've had one of these deliciously fluffy and nutty sandwiches, you just knew it by a different name. Marshmallow crème hit the market during World War I and the combo of spreadable marshmallow and peanut butter between two slices of bread was dubbed the Liberty Sandwich. In the 1960’s a group of marketing ad-wizards renamed it the Fluffernutter. Beloved in its home state of Massachusetts, this tasty treat quickly spread across the country, inspiring a slew of similar tasting desserts.       

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  2. Barrel to Bottle: Barrel-Aged Beer Blind

    Barrel to Bottle: Barrel-Aged Beer Blind
    Barrel-aged beers are still a hot commodity, but Roger is here to show that you don't have to wait in a long line, or pay a lot for a high quality barrel-aged beer. Breweries are also moving beyond traditional bourbon barrels and aging beer in a variety of different spirits barrels. Also a listener Q&A that isn't really a Q&A but proves Pat was wrong. 
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  3. Barrel to Bottle: What the Hell Does That Taste Like?

    Barrel to Bottle: What the Hell Does That Taste Like?
    You know the classics. You know your favorites. But what about the rest? Our stores are home thousands of bottles of spirits, wine and beer. There are so many bottles that even the Barrel to Bottle Crew haven't tried all of them. Liqueurs with milk and eggs, Hungarian wines, 16% ABV beers! If you've ever wandered our aisles wondering "What the hell does that taste like?" this is the episode for you.
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  4. Barrel to Bottle: Glassware and Ice

    Barrel to Bottle: Glassware and Ice
    Glassware. It's an essential part of the drinking experience, but there are so many options in wine, spirits and beer. Stemmed or stemless? Big bowl or small? Shaker pint or tulip? And what about ice? Big cube, small cube, sphere? Filtered water or tap? The Barrel to Bottle crew is here to help you sort through this madness and also prove that despite all the pretension it really does make a difference in how your drink tastes. Throughout the episode Pat will also be measuring how fast (or slow) the ice cubes are melting into the drinks with his fancy/ridiculous laser thermometer.
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  5. Barrel to Bottle: Vermouths and Manhattans

    Barrel to Bottle: Vermouths and Manhattans
    What is vermouth? Where does it come from and why does Pat Brophy love it so much? This week, the Barrel to Bottle Crew will be sampling through an array of vermouths, while Pat tries to find one that will pry Greg away from his beloved Cocchi di Torino. After that, we will take all those vermouths, combine then with a variety of bitters and see who can craft the best Manhattan. Will it be The Greghattan? El Broph? The Rogehattan? 

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  6. Barrel to Bottle: Lo-Cal Beers

    Barrel to Bottle: Lo-Cal Beers
    If you're not quite ready to commit to Dry January, how about Lo-Cal January? Specifically, low calorie beer options that still taste good. Roger has assembled 9 flavor-packed beers, ciders and hard waters from some well-known breweries, plus one surprising stalwart that has been making low-calorie, flavorful beer for decades. Plus, listener questions are back and this week we've got a controversial topic: aging whiskey in small barrels. 

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  7. Be A Baller This Holiday Season

    Be A Baller This Holiday Season

    Specialty beers are Odd Side’s speciality. Thirsty for something different, we shipped up eleven freshly dumped handpicked Knob Creek bourbon barrels to Odd Side and quickly got to work designing a pair of stouts.

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  8. Barrel to Bottle: Holiday Beers

    Barrel to Bottle: Holiday Beers

    Tis the season for malty, spicy beers with a little extra kick to them. Just don't call them old man beers. Roger has brought the good stuff; from longtime classics to new takes on the holiday style. From Germany to California and everywhere in between, Happy Holidays from the Barrel to Bottle Crew. 

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  9. It's Your Gummy!

    It's Your Gummy!

    If you’ve never had a Noon Whistle Gummy, where have you been? Thankfully, many of you have, and a bunch of you helped us design this brand-new brew. From a list of 14 different hop varieties, you picked your three favorites. Citra, Mosaic and Lemondrop came out on top - a trio of citrusy strains that you can learn more about on Barrel to Bottle, the Binny’s Podcast. Noon Whistle makes some of the best NEIPAs on the shelf, but when they first opened their doors, there wasn’t one on the menu.

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  10. Barrel to Bottle: Your Gummy Hop Showcase

    Barrel to Bottle: Your Gummy Hop Showcase

    Your Gummy, our exciting new collaboration with Noon Whistle Brewing Company is finally here! Earlier this fall, we asked our customers to select three hops to use in this New England-style IPA. The people spoke and selected Citra, Mosaic and Lemondrop. Roger selected a few beers that highlight the individual hops and brought in hop samples for us to waft and quaff. Plus, stick around for a very relevant customer question about fresh hops vs. wet hops.

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