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Brophy’s Barrel + Bonus Barrel Bonanza!




It has now been two weeks since we filled our 1-liter barrel with Lemon Hart 151, plenty of time for the overproof rum to soak up influences from the barrel and the tequila that last filled it. Joe Maloney and I tasted the aged Lemon Hart together. What’s really interesting is that this rum has a lot of character on its own, so we’re guessing that more time in the wood can only settle it down a little.


On the nose, the brown sugar that absolutely dominates Lemon Hart has toned way down. There’s a lot more spice, anise and fruit. Joe yelled out “Holy Pepper Pat Man!” So I guess he gets lots of peppery notes. On the palate, the fat sweetness is still there, now underlined with layers of smoke and cooked asparagus. The heavy molasses remains, but this vegetal, peppery quality has joined it.


I like the added dimensiosn the Lemon Hart gained. Joe does not. Lemon Hart is all about the Demerara sugar and heat as is. The addition of subtle smoke is nice. I don’t find the vegetal asparagus note from the tequila to be too much. At any rate, it was a cool experiment.


But now we have something special! We have a mini-keg that just had Lemon Hart 151 in it, and it will be awesome to see how it effects whatever’s next. So like last time, we’re opening it up to you – what do you think we should age in this barrel next? What should we rum-age? Leave a comment below.






We still have the Brophy’s Bonus Barrel, a Cedar Ridge kit where we’re actually following the directions to age something as it was meant to be. It’s been in barrel for just about two weeks as well, so we decided to check in and see how it’s developing.


It’s now a straw gold color, and still shows noticable signs of its youth on the nose: vegetal, young, with plenty of funky corn notes. It has gained some body and a slight caramel-oak flavor from the wood, but the herbal characteristics of a white whiskey are still present, too. It finishes short and a little hot.


This Cedar Ridge White Whiskey is coming along nicely at only two weeks in wood, but it has a long way to go. We’re hoping it develops into a quality bourbon over the next few months.

9 thoughts on “Brophy’s Barrel + Bonus Barrel Bonanza!

  1. I’m trying to think of something that would meld interestingly with those gigantic Guyana rum notes. Maybe a dessert wine of some sort? Like a Sauternes, or a late-harvest Riesling?Or you could go in the opposite direction and put in something absolutely bone dry. Sancerre doesn’t strike me as a good combination, but it’s my first thought. If you can keep the mold issue under control, maybe like a really big, super-dry beer? Like a Belgian, or something made from rye? (Hop Rod Rye comes to mind.) Speaking of rye, how about Whistlepig or thereabouts? Or, if you really wanted to go nuts, maybe a hardcore old-school gin?

  2. Scott, you mentioned wine, so how about something that’s already oxidized, like a sherry? You could go sweet or dry, dependng on your mood. Maybe a dry oloroso – might be fun to see how the brown sugar and spice from the rum would change it…

  3. Quick question on these 1L barrels – is it alright to fill them up with less than 1L of stuff? I wanted to try aging some of the 1512 unaged rye, but it comes in a 375 size and I wasnt looking to splurge and pick up two bottles.

  4. Absolutely Jordan. I have not filled one completely yet and have had no issues. Just make sure you give it time to swell completely before filling.

  5. Yes. I give them a quarter turn each day. I’ve run into some leaks with the Cedar Ridge barrel around the bung at the top. I suspect this is my fault and I didn’t let it swell long enough.

  6. I was wondering where I could buy those small barrels without having to go back to Mexico. Could you help me out and prices on them would be helpful. Thank you.

  7. These barrels come in kits that include spirits for ageing and range from $100-$150. A 1 liter barrel without a kit is available at most of our locations for $50.

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