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Bordeaux 2010 – Another Vintage of the Century?!


Really? Another Vintage of the Century? In decades (and centuries) past, Vintage of the Century meant something. It was typical that only 3 or 4 vintages in 10  would produce wines that were considered “good” or better. Now it seems that it’s at least 3 or 4 “Vintage of the Century” years in a decade! The 2000 vintage really kicked it off. For the first time we saw great quality Bordeaux at every level. They said it was a blessing that is as rare as their famed comet year (last one was 1811, wasn’t it?). Then came 2005. The Perfect Year. Critics compared it to ’49, ’59, ’82. And even 2000, the last vintage of the century – 5 years ago.


Bordeaux fans were re-energized with the 2009 vintage. After a couple of so-so vintages, they said this is “What the World is Waitng for…” Maybe this was true. Our futures campaign was huge. The frenzy was big and drawn out.


To 2010. Someone is truly smiling on Bordeaux.

Another “Vintage of the Century”? It is more than good. It is Great. The wines are pretty uniformly spectacular. Some regions more consistent that others. The best may be Pauillac with some really brilliant purity to the wines. Margaux shines too. The slightly more feminine character is well served in a year where everything (fruit, tannin, acids) are super sized. For me? For 2009 and 2010, look for the values. These are the years that will bring new Bordeaux fans to the game.


Maybe 2010 is another “Vintage of the Century”. Let’s just call it something else…


The 2010 Futures campaign will start soon. Buying Bordeaux on futures (paying now for delivery in appoximately 2 years) is a great way to get in the game. And you don’t have to spend a fortune. (There should be some great wines starting at under $15 a bottle). Buying Bordeaux futures does two things. Most importantly, it secures your wine. And at a price that is almost guaranteed to be the best these wines will ever see.

2 thoughts on “Bordeaux 2010 – Another Vintage of the Century?!

  1. It looks from your pcture you visited Leoville Las Cases (with Nenin, Clos du Marquis, potensac, etc). How were the wines?

  2. Different, but so good. LLC was razor sharp, so tight and focused, it was one of the hardest to taste so young. Inky and glass coating, with a tight beam of black raspberry, currant and loamy earth. So good, but the experience is like tunnel vision for your palate.Can’t wait to see the whole thing.The Nenin was good – and big. 18% Cab Franc. Plump and earthy black and blue fruits. And had what I call a note of shoe polish – loved it.The Potensac may be a real sleeper. I’ll be looking out for it. Should be a terrific value.

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