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Black Friday 2017: Goose Island BCBS Release


UPDATED 11/24/17 — If you purchased Northwoods at the Lincoln Park Tasting Room and were incorrectly charged tax, please click here.


UPDATED 11/20/17 — Bourbon County Reserve Brand Stout allocations in Central IL — see below!


Who’s ready for another exciting #GooseBlackFriday? Seriously, we say this every year but this is going to be the biggest and most exciting release yet. Binny’s locations across Chicagoland will all release Bourbon County Brand Stout when doors open on Friday, November 24th, with the grandest release of them all right next door to the (newly renovated) Goose Clybourn brewpub at our Lincoln Park location.
Here’s what you need to know:

Goose Island Black Friday Binny's


Goose Island BCBS Grand Release
Binny’s Lincoln Park
Friday, November 24th


Join us at Binny’s Chicago – Lincoln Park for the biggest Goose Island BCBS release in Chicago. How it works: People will start to line up early. Goose Island staff will pass out 1000 tickets the morning of. These tickets ensure entry – but please don’t leave the line and come back later (see FAQ below). Once inside, you’ll get the chance to purchase up to the full allotment – you don’t have to take everything, but you’ll get the chance to buy:
5 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Brand Stout
3 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Barleywine
2 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Coffee Stout
2 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Proprietor’s
1 16.9oz bottle of Bourbon County Brand Northwoods Stout
1 16.9oz bottle of Bourbon County Reserve Brand Stout


…And that’s not all. Be sure to show up early. We can’t disclose all the specifics, but those at the head of the line will have extra special perks, including Goose Island gift bags, coffee, donuts, and giveaways. Again – that’s just for folks at Binny’s Lincoln Park.

Vintage BCBS at Binny’s Lincoln Park Grand Release


Binny’s Lincoln Park has secured a large enough allocation of vintage BCBS to allow the first 500 in line (or while supplies last) at Binny’s Lincoln Park to purchase:
2 12oz bottles
or 1 22 oz bottle
or 1 16.9 oz bottle

This allocation includes the following:
2012 Bourbon County Brand Stout – 12oz
2014 Bourbon County Brand Barleywine Ale – 12oz
2014 Bourbon County Brand Stout Proprietor’s – 22oz
2014 Bourbon County Brand Stout Vanilla Rye – 22oz
2016 Bourbon County Brand Stout – 16.9oz
2016 Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout – 16.9oz
2016 Bourbon County Brand Barleywine Ale – 16.9oz
2016 Bourbon County Brand Stout Proprietor’s – 16.9oz


Goose Island BCBS Chicagoland Release
Chicagoland Binny’s Locations
Friday, November 24th

Can’t make it to Lincoln Park? Here is the allotment for all other Chicagoland Binny’s locations. You don’t have to take everything, but you’ll get the chance to buy:
4 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Brand Stout
2 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Barleywine
1 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Coffee Stout
1 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Proprietor’s
1 16.9oz bottle of Bourbon County Brand Northwoods Stout
1 16.9oz bottle of Bourbon County Reserve Brand Stout


Goose Island BCBS Central Illinois Release
Binny’s Champaign, Binny’s Bloomington, Binny’s Springfield
Friday, November 24th


4 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Brand Stout
2 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Barleywine
1 16.9oz bottle of Bourbon County Coffee Stout
1 16.9oz bottle of – Bourbon County Brand Northwoods Stout


1 16.9oz bottle of – Bourbon County Reserve Brand Stout
Not Available Bourbon County Proprietor’s


Goose Island Black Friday Binny's

More stuff: Once again, Goose Island Bourbon County Snifters will be available for sale this year at all Binny’s locations. They are high-quality snifters made by glassware legends Spiegelau. They are first come, first served while quantities last.



What do the beers taste like?.
Here’s our take on this year’s line up.
When will the 2017 Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout variants be released?
When doors open on Friday, November 24th at all Binny’s locations.
Will I have to stand in line?
Yes. It’s sure to get cold, so don’t forget your hat and gloves! Protip: Head to the Binny’s Lincoln Park Goose Island BCBS Grand release where we’ll have our largest allocation.
If I receive a ticket at Binny’s Lincoln Park, can I leave the line and come back?
We strongly encourage that you stay in line. You will not be guaranteed the full allocation if you come back at a later time once all tickets have been used.
Can I call my local Binny’s ahead of time?
Sure, but all of the information you need is right here. We can not hold bottles.
What can I buy?
Depending on where you are in line, we will offer the opportunity to purchase the full allotment that is available at each location. If you head to Lincoln Park, every person who receives a ticket in line will have the opportunity to purchase the full allotment. (See above)

Will the Binny’s Lincoln Park or South Loop Tasting Room bars be open?

Can people share open bottles or drink in line?
No. Absolutely not.

Questions? Ask below or send us an email. Don’t forget to use #GooseBlackFriday when sharing photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


105 thoughts on “Black Friday 2017: Goose Island BCBS Release

  1. Thinking of coming down for the first time for Black Friday. Can you provide some guidance on parking that morning?

    • We have limited parking in our lot available, and there is free neighborhood parking in addition to pay-to-park available starting at 8am (free before then).

  2. For the other Chicagoland locations, how much reserve and prop will there be to go around? 6, 12, 50, 100? I know it will likely depend on location but I’m trying to decide if it is really worth trying to find parking downtown in Lincoln Park.

    • Hard to say. It would depend when you arrive and which location. Binny’s Lincoln Park’s release is the only location we can guarantee you’ll receive the full allotment if you arrive with enough time.

  3. Based on your knowledge of previous releases turnout, what time would you recommend showing up to the Lincoln Park location in order to ensure a ticket for the full allotment?

    • Customers who arrived before 7am received a ticket to purchase the full allotment. Those who arrived after 7am still had the opportunity to purchase from what bottles were still available, but not the full allotment.

  4. Is it possible for you to give an estimate on how fast the checkout line moves? If a person is #500 in line, how long after 9 o’clock would that individual be able to checkout?

  5. For the non-LP crowd can you estimate a “safe” number to be in line to get a full allotment? Ex: if I’m #10 in line will I get a full allotment regardless of the store I’m at? #20?

      • Thanks Hilary, you think this might be available the day before? Really appreciate all of the communication and transparency you’re trying to bring to the day and this would help suburb folks know if they should stick it out near home or make the trek to LP morning of!

  6. Could you tell me what all chicagoland binny’s are? Just want to make sure i go to the right one closest to Ottawa IL!

    • All stores except Binny’s Lincoln Park, Binny’s Champaign, Binny’s Bloomington and Binny’s Springfield.

      • Good Morning, just to be sure, Mokena Binny`s its considered a “chicagoland ” store, therefore they will get all of the diferent variants… is this correct? Thanks in advance

  7. Will I be able to find out the allocation of Prop or Reserve for the W. Grand location prior to Friday morning?

    • It’s listed above:

      1 16.9oz bottles of Bourbon County Proprietor’s
      1 16.9oz bottle of Bourbon County Reserve Brand Stout

  8. Is the ticket system for Lincoln Park only? Is there anyway to guarantee full allotments at the other locations?

    • Yes, tickets will only be distributed at Binny’s Lincoln Park. No guarantee, but if you are at your favorite Binny’s early enough in line you will have the option to purchase the full allocation.

  9. Sorry, I mean how many total bottles the store will have available. If they only have 12, I need to line up wicked early. If they have 100, I can wait a bit longer.

  10. We’re not lucky enough to have all of the varieties distributed to us here in Pittsburgh, PA. We’re thinking of driving to Chicago after Thanksgiving dinner. If we arrive around 5-6 AM, do you think we would be lucky enough to be one of the ticket holders at the Lincoln Park location?

    • It’s hard to anticipate demand each year, but based on last year you would receive a ticket at that arrival time.

  11. Will there be portapotties or restroom facilities available at Lincoln Park or other locations for those waiting?

  12. Can you please tell me the allotment for the Plainfield location please…….is it the same as the Chicagoland area?

  13. How will Binnys regulate the line and prevent people from cutting? I’ve seen people, for example, be #500ish 3 hours ahead of time and come Opening all of a sudden be further back because people “held spot” for their friends/family who appeared 5 minutes ago.

  14. Are you getting all 7 variants that they are releasing this year? I only saw 6. I wanna be sure before I drive down from Michigan.

  15. We’ll be visiting my mom in Lockport for Thanksgiving. She used to live close to the Willowbrook location, but now I think we’ll head to the Mokena location. Anyone have any experience with how early to get there?

      • I don’t understand. I just got 2 gift cards as birthday gifts, they can’t be accepted on Black Friday?

        • Hi Marcin – we’ll do our best on the day of the event to make accommodations for gift cards. It’s tricky because we use special registers for the event, but we’ll make it work.

          • I remember I was behind one guy who paid for his allotment with $200 worth of Binny’s gift card. Was stuck while the other lines just paid n left. DON’T be THAT GUY

  16. What are the allotments for the suburb locations, e.g. des plaines, arlington heights? Last year they didnt offer the full allotments even to people at the start of the line.

      • If small/medium sized tents are allowed, then why are there obscenely big tents meant for more than 3 people at the entrance to the store here at Lincoln Park and scattered all over the line to the store?

  17. Why are you not released pricing untill the day of? Many of your competitors have already done so. Seems a little shady.

  18. Pingback: Goose Island Black Friday is the only thing worth lining up for after Thanksgiving - Boozist

  19. When someone commented that GI not releasing the price of BCBS variants was ‘shady’ a link was pinged. Within the article it stated that the first 200 will receive tote, coffee and poster. The beginning of this blog states first 500 will get option of buying vintage bottles and first 1000 will get full allotment. Are these numbers still accurate?

  20. Hi. Thanks for sharing info as it becomes available. I am wondering, how will the tickets be distributed? Like will there be staff at the end of a forming line handing out tix? Or as people arrive are we to go to a particular location to obtain a ticket and then get in line?

    Thank you.

    • Sure thing! Goose Island and Binny’s team members will begin distributing tickets to the line around 8am.

      • See, here’s the thing. Tickets get distributed at 8am. So that leaves all that time for family/friends of people that are already in line to join in and cut, while the customer can say “Oh, they’ve been with me the whole time”. And these obnoxiously large tents can probably fit 5-7 people. So, how is any of this fair?

  21. Ummm the Binnys on Irving had prebuilt boxes with “Lincoln Park” allotments and NOT the “Chicagoland” allotments – I was ~#40 on line and everyone in front of me got 2 Proprieters instead of the 1 they should have… Binnys manager didn’t “realize” the differences in allocations – BS!

    Plenty of “significant others” rolling out of cars or driving up last minute and sliding in line… Binnys managers say they aren’t responsible for outside. BS

    • We hear you and appreciate the feedback. We’re going to work with Goose Island to make a better scenario for next year.

  22. Thank you for all the information, Hilary! My mission was to get some for a close friend of my brother. With all the published information, I picked which store I was going to and what time to arrive. I didn’t get a full allotment but I did get a decent variety and am very happy. So thank you! Overall it was actually kind of fun.

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