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Binny’s Mailbag: Yuengling


From the Binny’s Mailbag!


Dear Binny’s

   I just moved from Pennsylvania, and was told that Binny’s was the best place to find rarer beers in the area. So I was disappointed to find I couldn’t purchase Yuengling in your stores. How can you not carry beer from the countries oldest brewery, and the second largest American owned brewery? It’s almost un-American to not carry this beer. 

– B.


Hi B!

   Thanks for the question, and we certainly do appreciate your patriotism, especially in beer form!

   We get the Yuengling question a lot. The truth is that you won’t find our nation’s oldest operating brewery represented anywhere in Illinois – or anywhere else west of Ohio – at least for now. Yuengling is expanding their production to broaden distribution, entering Ohio just this year. It will probably be a while before their brews make it all the way to Illinois.


   Your question also brings up a larger discussion about distribution: As a retailer, Binny’s Beverage Depot buys all its products from local distributors, who in turn buy those products from suppliers. It works out so there’s only one distributor for any producer in one place. This is the three-tier distribution system

   After letting a customer know that we don’t have something, the followup question is usually “Can you order it?” We love to hunt tough-to-find products for you, but more often than not, if a producer or supplier choses to not enter the market by offering their products for Illinois distribution, then it’s out of our grasp.


   Thanks again for the question.

Binny’s Mailbag

7 thoughts on “Binny’s Mailbag: Yuengling

    • But that makes no sense…the cost to make in PA and FL and ship from Ohio west would be considerably less than the profits they would make from sales…gotta be more to it….just wondering WHY???

  1. I thought I’d check and see if there’s been any progress with the distribution of Yuenling in IL in the last 4+ years. My cousin just relocated from NJ to IL and has been going on about Yuenling. So much so that my husband has been talking about get a keg of it for our kegorator. Let us know!


  2. The above stated sayin it is not distributed anywhere in IL is absolutely false!!! I’ve worked in two restaurants in IL more than 8 yrs ago that have served yuengling it’s sad that the response had to fabricate a lie…

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