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Beers For Thanksgiving

Last week, Ted Sullivan and I were asked to name our favorite Thanksgiving beers as well provide as a one sentence description of each.  This wasnt as clear cut as asking for something like our favorite Christmas beers, because there isnt a separate seasonal category for Thanksgiving like there is for other seasons and holidays.  This turned into a slight head scratcher for me when all I could think about was how well Southern Pumking goes with my mothers homemade pumpkin pie.  Our family always saves a few bottles of Pumking for dessert on turkey day.  There is only one problem with this:  The Thanksgiving beer list was to be beers that are available right now, and Pumpking all but vanishes from our shelves in the weeks before Halloween.


It immediately became apparent that Ted had done this before, as he instantaneously emailed us the following list that he was ashamed to say he recited from memory, as he lamented that it might be possible that he drinks a little too much beer.


Saison Dupont

Sierra Nevada Celebration

Avery Ellie’s Brown

Ommegang Three Philosophers Ale

Founders Red’s Rye

North Coast Pranqster

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

Goose Island Sofie

N’ice Chouffe

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter


When asked to narrow his list to a top three and give a one sentence description of each, Ted provided the following:


Saison Dupont Goes with everything on the holiday table, a strong foil for turkey and all the trimmings…best food beer in the world.



Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter Did someone mention dessert?  Pair this with a cheesecake and watch the sparks fly!



3 thoughts on “Beers For Thanksgiving

  1. +1 on the Saison Dupont…it is the perfect food beer.Some others that I would add are the 2009 Allagash Fluxus…it already has sweet potatoes in the mix, would be a nice pairing.Morland Hen’s Tooth, really great cask style English beer, would pair well with the Turkey and gravy.And of course, if you want to try something other than the Dupont, try the Thiriez Blonde or the L’Almathée, both would be excellent. Good idea for pairings all around!

  2. I have been enjoying Goose Island Harvest Ale for a couple weeks now. It comes in 6 packs and 12 packs and shares the same price as its cousin 312. I imagine I will be sharing a few of these with my family this Thanksgiving. For a dessert beer, I recently tried the Fort Collins Double Chocolate Stout and was very satisfied with my purchase. Has the same delicious chocolately taste as Southern Tier’s Choklat at a reasonable price. And its never too early to start cracking the Chrismas beers; I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Anchor Steam Christmas Ale.

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