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World of Whiskies 2013



We tell this story every year, and it gets better every year.


Last night was the 10th annual, big big Binny’s World of Whiskies event. It was bigger and better than ever. There were 75 tables holding more bottles of whiskey than we could count. There was a cake shaped like Mark Twain. Pop Tart wrapper space suits and a rocket. Live cigar rolling. A whole crowd of friendly whiskey enthusiasts. Cookies. All our rowdy friends in the spirits industry. Kilts. Cocktails. And then more whiskey.


Tons more pics of the event after the jump.


If you made it, be sure to head over to the Gallery on the Binny’s Facebook Page, where you’ll find even more pics, including pictures of you in front of the Binny’s logo wall. Tag all your friends! And like us while you’re there. See you in 2014!


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Binny’s New Brewery Bonanza


Binny’s is excited to announce the planned debut of ten nine breweries at our stores in the very near future—yes you heard us right – a whopping ten nine new breweries.


Gigantic-Brewing-CoGigantic (in select stores now)
At a recent beer show, Gigantic Brewing had a gigantic line at their table, bigger than any of the other 30+ breweries at the event. Three different bomber bottles from the Portland, Oregon based brewery began hitting select Binny’s today: Meddle Vienna Lager, The Royale Belgian Pale Ale, and Whole in the Head Imperial IPA. There isn’t much of these to go around; stop into your local Binny’s later this week for your best chance to score some.


Prairie (next week)
Prairie is an Oklahoma based brewery. If we had to compare them to any other brewery in the world, it would probably be Stillwater. Prairie features funky saisons, lots of different & new releases, and limited availability on a lot of their stuff. Almost all of our stores will be featuring Prairie Standard in 6-packs, which is a hopped up saison with detailed picture instructions on the label about how to noodle a catfish. Some of our stores will be featuring large format bottles from Prairie.


speakeasySpeakeasy (next week)
Speakeasy is a San Francisco brewery. Binny’s will be featuring two year round six-packs from Speakeasy (Big Daddy IPA & Prohibition Ale) as well as Tallulah, which is a pale ale and Speakeasy’s summer seasonal offering. Select Binny’s stores will also be featuring some limited release large format bottles from Speakeasy.


Greenbush (next week)
Greenbush is currently a tiny brewery with plans for a rapid & massive expansion. They are located less than an hour and a half from Chicago in Sawyer, Michigan. Off the bat Binny’s will be featuring four different 6-packs: Anger Black IPA, Closure Pale Ale, Dunegras IPA, and Sunspot Hefeweizen. Brother Benjamin is a specialty release 4-pack that will also be available. This is an imperial IPA brewed with honey, which we found to be very similar to Bell’s Hopslam.


Furthermore-StarFurthermore (next week)
Futhermore beer from Spring Green, Wisconsin has just arrived at our distributor and we expect the following to hit many our stores by next week: Knot Stock (American Pale Ale), Proper (English-style Pale Ale), and Oscura. Oscura was the highlight of Furthermore’s portfolio for us. It is a super drinkable coffee lager, which is a pretty unique style to say the least. A few other beers from Furthermore, including Fatty Boombalatty, are set to debut at a later date.


Ballast Point (May 8th)
Join us on Wednesday, May 8th in our Binny’s South Loop tasting room as we celebrate Ballast Point’s arrival at Binny’s. Several rarities will be on tap from the San Diego based brewery, as well as everyday favorites such as Sculpin, which is one of the highest rated IPA’s in the world. A plethora of Ballast Point packaged goods will be available for the first time ever at every Binny’s on May 8th.


PotosiPotosi (early May)
Check out this recent post on the Binny’s blog for all the information you need on Potosi.

Flesk (?)
This small Lombard, IL based brewery reached out to us yesterday, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet with them in the very near future. We expect them to be in our stores sooner rather than later.


Tallgrass (early June)
In early June Tallgrass Brewing from the state of Kansas will be rolling into Binny’s. Three different beers will be available, all in four-pack 16oz can formats: 8 Bit Pale Ale, Velvet Rooster Triple, and Ethos IPA.

Downers Grove Earth Day Tasting


Join Binny’s this Friday as Mark Lindzy from importer Eric Solomon will present wines and discuss organic, sustainable and biodynamic farming practices. It’s a FREE event!


earth day event

When: Friday, April 26th from 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Where: Binny’s Downers Grove
2010 Butterfield Rd.
Downers Grove, IL 60515
RSVP ASAP: 630-705-9463


Binny’s New Brew: Anthem Hops Cider


Any Cider fans? Anthem Hops Cider is this weeks Binny’s New Brew! Selected by Jerry Gomez, Binny’s Cigar Consultant in sunny Skokie, Illinois chose this weeks new brew!


image hops


So Jerry, why this particular brew?
I’m just now getting into ciders and this one happened to have hops in it, which I love.


What does it taste like?
It has a sweet, cider taste, but the hops give it a dry champagne like taste.


What’s your story with Binny’s?
I’ve worked for Binny’s for six long years and the best part is learning about something new every day.


How’d you get started working in the cigar industry? Any experience in beer?
I was a custom home painter for ten years before the housing market fell along with the job. I then started in cigars since I smoked them on the weekends and I knew all of the basics. Do I have beer experience? Only on how to enjoy it. 🙂


Good enough for us! What’s your go-to beer on the weekends?
Revolution Brewing’s Anti Hero. Like I said, I love hops and I can always walk a few doors down to the pub and pick up a growler of the stuff.


Lucky you! All right, what’s your favorite cigar to pair with a beer?
Kristoff Maduro Robusto with any kind of dark stout.


Any special talents?


Haha, great talent! Favorite part about working in the cigar industry?
Access to the latest cigar releases.


That definitely is a perk! What’s one thing you’d want to tell/teach people about cigars?
How to cut enough without cutting the cap off.


Maybe you can show us some time on the blog! Special thanks to Jerry for helping with this weeks Binny’s New Brew!


Beers with Brad: Big Data

Here’s another web-streaming episode of Beers with Brad, the live and interactive web show hosted by SWC Technology Partners. For this episode, Brad heads to Binny’s South Loop, where he is joined by Binny’s beer guy Roger Adamson. The two taste two classics – Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold and Weihenstephaner Dunkel. Then there’s a bunch of tech talk, which is fun too.



Thanks for bringing the show to Binny’s, Brad! Check out upcoming episodes and remember that Beers With Brad is a live web event, so hit them up with questions via twitter at @SWCTechPartners. And check out Binny’s on twitter right here: @binnysbev

Potosi Brewing Arriving at Binny’s in Early May

The official release date for Potosi Brewing Company at Binny’s has been confirmed to be the week of May 6th. The Wisconsin based brewing company’s initial launch into the Chicago market will include five beers, available in 6-pack bottles:


Good ‘Ol Potosi Golden Ale
“Good Old Potosi is golden ale that is purposely brewed to taste like a lager. It will appeal to all beer lovers but particularly those desiring a lighter bodied beer. The aroma starts with toasted grain and flows into a sweet finish. GOP pairs well with any and all food.”
Snake Hollow IPA
“Snake Hollow is a West Coast style IPA. It’s a medium bodied beer with a pine and citrus aroma that results in a slight hint of a grapefruit flavor and a lingering bitter finish.”
Pure Malt Cave Ale
“Potosi Cave ale is brewed as a hybrid of three English beer styles. It provides a bit more body than Good Old Potosi and has a light caramel aroma and flavor that follows through till the end. Regardless of what you’re eating, like wine, beers can be enjoyed with almost any food.”
Gandy Dancer Porter
“Gandy Dancer is a robust American porter that has a French roasted coffee aroma without a burnt flavor. It starts with a medium caramel body that flows into a milk chocolate finish that results in many a light beer only drinker crossing over to the dark side. This beer pairs exceptionally well with braised meats to chocolate desserts.”
Steamboat Shandy (seasonal)
“Steamboat Shandy is a light bodied golden Ale blended with pure cane sugar and 100% real lemon juice. There is no artificial flavoring and, thus, it has a very clean finish. It’s not too sweet but provides for a refreshingly crisp and clean beer that can be savored anytime of year. However, during those hot summer days, I’ll bet you can’t drink just one.”


Petrus Aged Red: Best New Belgian Beer of the Year?


Pictured below is Petrus Aged Red, quite possibly the best new Belgian beer to debut in our stores this year. Several of Binny’s beer experts sampled this beer yesterday, with many comparing Aged Red to some of the most famous beers in the world. Some thought it was similar to New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red, while a few others found striking similarities to Kasteel Rouge. One even mentioned Duchesse De Bourgogne. Something we all agreed on is that Aged Red can be classified more as a fruit beer than a sour.


Petrus Aged Red shares little in common with sister beer Petrus Aged Pale, despite taking part in a similar aging process in micro organism infected barrels. The main difference stems from Aged Red going through fermentation with cherries, imparting loads of sweet and fruity flavors onto the brew. Aged Pale is sour and acidic, and one of the finest sour beers available on our shelves.


At only $8.49 for a 25.4oz bottle, Petrus Aged Red is an economical no-brainer and quite possibly the most complex beer around that price point on our shelves.

Petrus Aged Red

Binny’s New Brew: A Little Crazy


Patrick Devitt, receiver at Binny’s Elmwood Park, is super excited about the local beer scene, so it makes sense that he chose Revolution’s A Little Crazy this week for his pick.


Why this particular brew?
After a trip to the Revolution Brew Pub for a wedding and sampling so much of their beer, I have been hooked on their brews.


How would you describe the taste?
A Little Crazy has a nice blend of flavors, mainly tangerine and citrus, but also works in a bit of a bitter taste of pine.


Mhmm! Sounds super refreshing! So what’s your story with Binny’s?
I started with Binny’s during the holidays in 2002 at the River Grove location. I’ve been with the company since then and have just started my role with Binny’s at Elmwood Park. The best part about working at Binny’s is the family type atmosphere that you have with your co-workers. You see your fellow Binny’s employees so much that they are kind of become like family.


Aww! What sparked your interest with beer?
I was always a big geography nerd as a kid, so with so many different beers from around the world that Binny’s carries it was kind of a natural fit for me. You get to learn so much from the different countries offering beer and the history behind all of them.


What consumes your time outside of Binny’s?
I am a huge sports enthusiast. I know way too much useless information about sports. It drives my friends nuts!


Well then… we’ll know who to call now when we make our bracket! Hypothetical situation: It’s a Friday night and you’re watching your favorite team… what’s your go-to beer of choice?
Either Two Brothers Domaine DuPage or Sierra Nevada Torpedo.


Why do you like the beer industry?
You get to meet all sorts of different people who are passionate about beer. Its much easier to communicate when the person is just as interested in something as you are.


Have more questions for Patrick? Shoot him an email here:


Baderbrau is Back at Binny’s … Again!

That’s right. Baderbrau is back. The Chicago beer scene was overjoyed last June when the local classic was resurrected, only to have supply run dry several months later. But now it’s back, and better than ever.



Details? Production has been shifted to Stevens Point Brewery in Stevens Point, WI. That means ten times the production capacity and tighter quality control. They’re still working toward a brewery of their own in Chicago. Plus, this relaunch also includes sharp new packaging. Over the coming weeks, you’ll find the new & improved Baderbrau exclusively at Binny’s.


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Binny’s New Brew: Two Brothers SideKick


This week’s Binny’s New Brew comes hand selected by Tom Bergman, our man in the beer aisle in Highland Park. Tom is stoked on the arrival of Two Brothers Brewing Co’s newest year-round release in cans, SideKick Extra Pale Ale.


When did you get Sidekick? 
A couple weeks ago. SideKick joins Outlaw IPA as a year-round canned release.


Why SideKick?
There comes a point where every beer nerd needs a break from the boozy onslaught of barrel aged stouts and tongue-thrashing bitterness of imperial IPA’s. Sometimes you just want to drink a beer (or three). SideKick is a subtle, sessionable option – it practically drinks itself!


How does it taste?
It’s crisp and delicate with a touch of sweet malt. There’s a nice balance of citrus, melon, and strawberry, and it finishes with just enough bitterness to remind you you’re drinking a pale ale.


Sounds delish! Now tell us about yourself – how long have you been with Binny’s and what’s your favorite part about working here?
I’ve been at Binny’s since September 2009. The highlight of my day is the smile on a return customer’s face after I’ve introduced them to a new beer style. Oh, and someone brought me a can of Heady Topper the other day – that was pretty sweet.


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