1. Barrel to Bottle: Rum

    Barrel to Bottle: Rum

    It's finally here: the long-awaited RUM episode. Pat breathlessly shares his passion for this often misunderstood spirits category, and although it's a podcast and you can't see it, Roger dressed up like a pirate. You'll learn all about the rich Caribbean and global history of rum, and all about rum's complicated production including what a "muck pit" is. Actually, it's exactly what you're imagining. The team tastes El Dorado 3 Year, El Dorado 15 year, Plantation Fiji, the shockingly funky Two James Doctor Bird and Foursquare Premise. Stick around for listener Q&A, when the team explains charcoal filtering and the Lincoln County process, and other bourbon myths.

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  2. Sour Styles II: Electric Boogaloo (aka Kettle Sours)

    Sour Styles II: Electric Boogaloo (aka Kettle Sours)

    Barrel Sours are where it's at, right? Think again! Roger walks the team through the difference and highlights some excellent examples in an absurd lineup of American sours: beers tasted include Dogfish Head Sea Quench and Super Eight (which not only contains eight super foods, but can also be used to develop film), Logsdon Spontane Wilde (which Pat calls "one of the best American made sour beers" he's ever tasted) and The Convesion Series 2, Firestone Walker Paw2 Prints, Off Color The One Percent, and finally, The Rare Barrel Wise Guise. Stick around for the Q&A segment, when the team shines light on the mysterious golden stout style.

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  3. Barrel to Bottle: Dave Phinney of Orin Swift

    Barrel to Bottle: Dave Phinney of Orin Swift

    Even if you're not that into wine, you've probably heard of The Prisoner, which is just one of the many wines created by Dave Phinney. Dave shares his experience in wine making in California and beyond and shares tastes of Orin Swift wines Blank Stare, Mannequin, Slander and Abstract with the Barrel to Bottle team. Topics include the benefits of partnering with Gallo, the origin stories of some of his distinctive labels, balancing the dirty work of vineyard management and wine making with the inspiration of marketing, and making a 200 point wine that sells for a trillion dollars. Plus Pat shares the details of an upcoming release of exclusive Binny's Handpicked expressions from Phinney's distillery project Savage & Cooke.

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  4. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Grill Smoked Beef Brisket

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Grill  Smoked Beef Brisket

    The key to smoky nirvana is to keep the following in mind: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait! Seasoning the night before gives the cut enough time to absorb the seasoning. Permitting the brisket to come to room temperature encourages a more even smoking. And the indirect heat involved in smoking itself renders the collagen woven within the cut, transforming what was rough and tough into the tender and luxuriant wonder that meat lovers crave.

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  5. Barrel to Bottle: Growing the Little Guy with Koval's Sonat Birnecker Hart

    Barrel to Bottle: Growing the Little Guy with Koval's Sonat Birnecker Hart

    What started as a cool little Chicago darling has grown to become a global distilling presence: Koval. President and cofounder Sonat Birnecker Hart started Koval with her husband Robert, opting to buy a still instead of a house. Sonat walks the team through what it takes to grow the little guy: a lot of effort, knowledge and care. The team tastes Koval Bourbon and rye, and Koval gin and cranberry gin. Sonat covers the range, from an insider's view into distilling whiskies the brandy way, to the magic behind Koval's award winning package designs. Oh, and what happened to the spelt whiskey. Plus, in this week's Q&A segment, what bourbon would Animal drink, if he were real (and not a muppet)?

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  6. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Grilled Veggies

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Grilled Veggies

    Grilling is a sure way to add extra layers of flavor upon already flavorful vegetables. The high heat caramelizes, imparting not only a smokiness but also a satisfying sweetness that elevates any humble vegetable. Keep the following in mind to ensure the best results.

    1) Use only a light amount of oil when brushing the vegetables; an excessive coating causes flare-ups, which impart off putting notes. 2) Keep a squeeze bottle of water nearby to put out any flare-ups before they ruin the taste of your food. 3) Salt your vegetables moments before they hit the hot grill - otherwise the salt will draw moisture to the surface, preventing char.

    The caramelized notes and smoky char of grilled vegetables call for something with bold flavors, so pair with the fruit driven 2017 Liparita Sauvignon Blanc or a richer rose such as the 2018 Belle de Provence.


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  7. Barrel to Bottle: I Say Saison

    Barrel to Bottle: I Say Saison

    Saison may be the easiest style of beer to brew - and the hardest to master. Roger walks the Barrel to Bottle team through this classic style, showcasing timeless examples including Saison Dupont, Brasserie Dupont Cuvee Dry Hop, Allagash Saison and Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale. Then the rest of the team mutines, opening some additional American craft examples, and hilarity ensues. Stick around for the Q&A segment for your chance to win a $20 if your question is answered on the podcast. This week's question pits "micro brew" vs. "craft brew."

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  8. Hungry For Hops? Introducing Half Acre Rumble Grumble

    Hungry For Hops? Introducing Half Acre Rumble Grumble

    Whether it’s a bone-dry West Coast IPA, a big malty DIPA or a bright juicy IPA – Half Acre consistently brews some of the best IPAs on our shelves. We wanted to see this alchemy in action and our friends at Half Acre graciously obliged. What kind of beer were we looking for? The people are hungry for hops and their appetite knows no bounds! Juicy hops please and crank it to 11.  

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  9. Demo Kitchen Recipe: Burgers and Tomato Jam

    Demo Kitchen Recipe: Burgers and Tomato Jam

    Nothing says summer grilling more than burgers! Keep the following three tips (repeated in the directions below) in mind to ensure that your burgers are top notch. (1) Do NOT salt beef patties until moments before they hit your preheated gas grill or white hot charcoal grill. Salt dissolves muscle proteins, turning what would have been moist and tender burgers into something fragile and dry. (2) Decide what temperature each beef patty will be and form it accordingly with the appropriate thickness (see step three below in the Instructions). Otherwise, a slow cooked, well-done, 3/4" patty will taste leathery and unappealing. (3) Keep a squeeze water bottle ready at hand to douse any flare ups.

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  10. Barrel to Bottle: Michael Mondavi

    Barrel to Bottle: Michael Mondavi

    This week on Barrel to Bottle, a man whose name is synonymous with Napa Valley, Michael Mondavi. Mondavi shares his unique perspective in a conversation that's lighthearted but touches on some issues important to the wine world and beyond: from natural, organic and biodynamic viticulture; labor shortages in an age when a legal, documented migrant workforce is scarce: the impact climate change is having on grape vines today; the changing role of the wine critic; to the timeless, refreshing taste of rose over ice. Stick around for the Q&A segment, when the team answers your question about where to start with old world wine.

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