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Bourbon Women Night Passing Shots The Whiskey Hotline Hits the Road

Bourbon Women Night

Kick off the whiskey festivities with an evening of networking, education and showcasing influential women in the spirits industry. Binny's is excited to team up with Bourbon Women to host this special event, featuring food samples from local restaurants, specialty cocktails and whiskey tastings from industry leading distillers.

  • 6:00 pm: Check In and Featured Cocktails from Jim Beam.

  • 6:30-7 pm: Seminar featuring innovative products from Beam
                 first come first served, 40 seats available
  • 7-8:30 pm: Networking and Tasting
                 including Four Roses, Heavenly Spirits Company, North Shore Distillery,
                 plus more TBA.
Tickets are $10, with half of the proceeds going to Bourbon Women of Louisville, Kentucky. The first 100 guests present will receive a special gift bag, and everyone will be able to take home an exclusive Binny's etched Glencairn tasting glass.


Passing Shots

We win again! Whisky Magazine has again named Binny's Beverage Depot "Whisky Retailer of the Year - Multiple Outlet" in their Icons of Whisky 2014. We like this part: "Binny's do an outstanding job of educating consumers and finding unusual whiskies to widen its inventory." In victory, magnanimity.


We're number one! We're number one! We're number one! We're number one!

Companta The newest from Glenmorangie's Private Edition: Companta. That's Gaelic for "friendship." The wood makes the whisky, with finishing in Clos de Tart and fortified Rasteau barrels. The nerds at the Wine Hotline say that's pretty cool.

We keep joking that everything is coming out black these days. Now Captain Morgan is putting us in our place with the new Captain Morgan White. It's Captain Morgan, only white.

In other news, Hornitos is coming out with a new "Black Barrel" soon... so... you know, we were still totally right.

A wonderful malt deserves a wonderful presentation, right? Check out these new bottles from Benriach. Heavily peated and also non-peated Benriach in a variety of cool casks? Yes please.

St. GeorgeWe just picked up a bunch of excellent new fruit liqueurs and brandies from St. George in California. Just like their Absinthe Verte, they are available in 200mL bottles, so you can add class and dimension to your bar without a huge investment.

You know, 230 bucks isn't bad for a 25 year old Speyside.

The second Jefferson's Ocean is here. This whale made whiskey is shore to disappear soon. It sets a high tide for boat-aged bourbon, and it's an easy sail. Has bourbon jumped the shark?

The new Bowmore Small Batch replaces the old Bowmore Legend. It's a small step up in price that represents a big step up in quality.

Act fast and you could be one of a handful of lucky people to blow an entire paycheck on a bottle of rum: Brugal Papa Andres Limited Edition Arcos. This stuff used to be the Brugal family's private stash, and they released just 500 bottles for the public.

GerstonWe mentioned the Lost Distillery Company before, right? They do their best to interpret long-shuttered distilleries and emulate what their malt would taste like today. Their third release emulates Gerston. Check their site for more. It's a cool story, and a cool whisky too.

For those in the know about Irish: Green Spot will be here by the end of the month, and Redbreast 21 is here (in super limited quantities) with more coming soon.

If the great state of Wisconsin were reincarnated as a premixed cocktail, it would be Arty's. That's three different takes on the old fashioned, and all you have to do is pour onto ice and lean into a curved back couch.

TINCUP American WhiskeyFrom the guy who brought you (the much sought-after) Stranahan's comes a brand new Colorado whiskey. TINCUP American Whiskey is actually a high-rye bourbon recipe made with crisp Colorado Rockies water.

Another new batch of Blackadder just rolled in, including a 25 year Burnside, the nation's second after the Binny's Handpicked Burnside.

Burnside, by the way, is a cask of Balvenie adulterated with a spoonful of Glenfiddich, making it a blended instead of single malt. Similarly, a cask of Glenfiddich adulterated with a spoonful of Balvenie is called Wardhead. And we just happen to have a 24 year Wardhead from Blackadder too.

BlackadderIt goes without saying that the rest of the Blackadder bottles are good too. Cask strength, never chillfiltered, always good casks.

We need a new word for fans of white whiskey. 'Shineheads? Anyway, there are new flavors from upstart Arkansas distillery Rock Town, including grape and peach and blackberry cobbler.

Hits the Road

In Mexico

Had a wonderful chance to escape the polar vortex in late February and explore a number of Tequila producers. Make no mistake, the production of Tequila is just as involved, complex, scientific, creative and artistic as the production of every other world class spirit we have the good luck of enjoying. The broad purpose of the trip was to explore the varied distilleries involved in the production of the Arte NOM series of releases that are the brainchild of Jake Lustig of Haas Imports. Just like Armagnac, Cognac and Calvados are expressions of place and materials, Arte NOM strives to differentiate based on the expression of the distiller. Each distillery in Mexico is assigned a number by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) that certifies the distillery's compliance with the Official Mexican Standard of Tequila (NOM), with defined rules about appelation, ingredients, production, and more.

The Whiskey Hotline Hits the Road
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