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Whiskey World Tour: Part II

With the Binny’s World of Whiskies event right around the corner, there’s no better time to highlight the range of whiskey produced all over the world. Whether corn, rice or barley, chestnut, cherrywood or oak, whiskey is a global spirit with a global range of flavors. Join us on our voyage to flavor as we explore the ingredients and processes that both separate and unite whiskey traditions around the globe.


Japan, the country that gave us Anime, Mario, Luigi, and even the Fujita scale also makes some amazing Whisky. The cat has been out of the bag for a while, and Japanese whiskies can be quite tricky to track down. Lucky for you, we’ve been building up a more diverse selection of Japanese Whiskies over the last few years.

Mars Whisky Iwai

This Whisky is heavy on corn, much like our native Bourbon. A light amount of malted barley is also in the mash to balance this baby out. On the nose, the bourbon barrel aging is evident with sweet sugars and fruit backed by cooked corn. The taste reveals more of the same with a little bit more spice and vanilla. The finish is short and pleasant with red fruits, orchard fruits, and oak spice dominating. A wonderful candidate for daily sipping or cocktail mixing.

Mars Whisky Iwai Tradition

Tradition really shows nice balance and depth throughout. Malt heavy on the nose with dark stewed fruits, vanilla, anise, and baking spices dancing alongside citrus flavors. On the taste, stewed plums, ginger, anise, toffee, and rich spice. The finish is quite pleasant with toffee, dark stewed fruit and spice intermingling nicely.

Suntory Whisky Toki

This blended Whiskey from Suntory is a combination of whiskies from Hakushu, Yamazaki, and Chita. The nose is rather delicate and well layered with ripe orchard fruits, soft smoke, cooked grains, and herbs mingling with soft spice. On the taste, refreshing, sweet grains, more ripe orchard fruits and a dash of baking spice. The finish is light and pleasant with sweet spice fading. Dangerously drinkable and well-constructed.

Suntory Hakushu 12 Year Old Peated Single Malt Whisky

This is the peated malt from Suntory, and is one of our long time favorites. On the nose, peat is more an afterthought with fruit sugars, dark stewed fruits, almonds, and spice dancing out front. On the taste, the texture is superb with layers of sweet fruits, stewed plums, soft smoke and herbs. The finish is quite nice with honeyed citrus, soft smoke, and pepper. A Japanese classic on the level with one of our favorite Japanese movies, Ran, by Akira Kurosawa .

Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Whisky

The age statements may be disappearing, but thankfully the quality and flavor are not. Taketsuru is a blend from Nikka that brings together single malt whisky from both the Miyagikyo and Yoichi distilleries. Layers of flavor here on the nose with a balance between fat, round, and chewy stewed fruits and black pepper with oak. Really a stunning nose. On the palate, waves of flavor burst through with a lovely structured texture. Stewed plums, raisins, pepper, and subtle whiffs of smoke. The finish fades away lazily with soft smoke, spice, and dark fruits with a dash of cacao nibs. We’ve decided to move to Japan.

White Oak Whiskey Akashi

Buttered corn and spice on the nose with soft whiffs of citrus and vanilla. On the taste, the flavors from the nose transfer along with a nuttiness and stewed fruits. The finish is solid with sweet orchard fruits fading with oak spice.

Ichiro's Malt Chichibu Malt & Grain Japanese Blended Whisky

Truly a fitting Whisky for this Whisky Hotline, as this is a World Whisky. The key component is Ichiro’s, but it is blended with Whisky from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and America. On the nose, loads of orchard fruits, cooked corn, caramel, vanilla, and citrus peel. The taste reveals the flavors on the nose along with an added element of pepper and nuts. The finish quite nice and honeyed with spice and fruit fading pleasantly away together. Excuse us while we go blast, “We are the world” on the boom box.

Ohishi Distillery Whisky Single Sherry Cask #631

Rice whisky is turning out to be one of our favorite treats. This offering from Ohishi plays the part of a young Speyside malt from Scotland. The sherry aging adds a fruity and refreshing theme to this already excitingly sweet rice whisky. Lively, sweet, fruity and a wonderful whisky with layers of flavors to unwrap.

Fukano Distillery Whisky Single Cask #300

Another rice whiskey from, Japan. This cask really could fool you into thinking you’re drinking a young Bourbon. On the nose, vanilla, toffee, cooked grain, and baking spices. The taste reveals more sweet sugars and buttered grains. The finish is long with toffee, vanilla, and soft red fruits fading alongside baking spice. Rice appears to be quite the Chameleon, or カメレオン in whisky distillation, and well worth your time.


2005 marked the first year that Taiwan had a Whiskey maker when Kavalan began operations. With a sub-tropical climate in the north, and a tropical climate in the south, Whisky maturation is done at a rather quick pace on the island but the results can't be argued with. Rich and full bodied with a depth of flavor rivaling the best of Scotland and Japan, it's time to take notice of these Taiwanese treats.

Kavalan Solist Single Malt Cask Strength ex Bourbon Barrrel #18A Binny's Handpicked

Apples, honey and a hint of baking spice on the nose with some caramel and bourbon vanilla in the background. Fruit forward on the palate with a mixture of orchard and tropical fruits. Very long finish with more fruit and spice. This holds its own with any other single malt from any other region. Stunning. 

Kavalan Solist Single Malt Cask Strength ex Sherry Cask #1021 Binny's Handpicked

On the nose, sherry is up front and big. Sultanas, dark stewed fruits, leather, soft pepper, and anise. Wonderful flavors on the palate with some baked red apples, cacao, stewed red fruits and anise. The finish is long and warm and a touch drying on the end. With water, the nose thickens with molasses soaked stewed fruits. Big cinnamon spice and anise with a solid spicy finish. Another home run.


Mexico is of course most famous in the world of spirits for its delicious Tequila and Mezcal. Mexico is also the birthplace of corn. Surprisingly, until now we have not seen any corn distillate from Mexico, with the exception of some Bourbon being produced during prohibition by distillers that fled the oppressive American clamp down on liquor. Douglas French, famous for his Scorpion Mezcal, is now producing some exquisite whiskey. The mash is made from 85% corn, and 15% malted barley. These babies are all quite young and bottled after 8 months of aging in French Oak barrels, but don’t let the age scare you off. These three new bottlings explore the different flavors unique to three different strains of ancient Oaxacan corn varietals. Quite a fun tasting session.

Sierra Norte Single Barrel Whiskey made with Native Oaxacan White Corn

Made from 85% Oaxacan White Corn, and 15% malted barley, aged for 8 months in French oak casks. On the nose, sweet flavors of vanilla and toffee with a dusting of roasted almonds and spice from the French oak aging. On the taste, flavors on the nose transfer along with the addition of some soft orchard fruits and spice. The finish is pleasant with cinnamon and baking spices lingering alongside vanilla.

Sierra Norte Single Barrel Whiskey made with Native Oaxacan Yellow Corn

Made from 85% Oaxacan Yellow Corn, and 15% malted barley, aged for 8 months in French oak casks. Lovely buttered corn flavors on the nose with sweet caramel and vanilla backed by white pepper. On the taste, spice and tropical fruits make an introduction with buttery corn still in the mix. On the finish, oak and baking spices with honey roasted corn bits.

Sierra Norte Single Barrel Whiskey made with Native Oaxacan Black Corn

Made from 85% Oaxacan Black Corn, and 15% malted barley, aged for 8 months in French oak casks. On the nose, red fruits and soft tropical fruit notes on a base of buttered oak with a splash of wine. On the taste, cooked banana, French oak spice, and pepper with a soft touch of brown sugar. The finish lingers with spice and caramelized banana and a touch of corn at the end.


India has long been one of the leaders in whiskey consumption with some of the best selling brands globally being bottled there. Roughly seven years ago, we received our first shipments of Indian Whiskey and since that time, we’ve added some more and fallen in love with Amrut and Paul John. Much like Taiwan, India's tropical climate accelerates whiskey maturation and produces some luscious malts.

Amrut Fusion Indian Single Malt Whisky

As the name states, this is indeed a fusion. Made from malted barley from both Scotland and India. On the nose, citrus, spice, creamed barley and a touch of smoke. On the taste, warm oak spice, lightly smoked malt, dark cacao nibs, and red berries with a dose of allspice. On the finish, chewy sweetness with soft smoke and spice lingering for a pleasant amount of time.

Paul John Brilliance Non Peated Indian Single Malt

The six row barley used to make this lovely single malt comes from the foothills of The Himalayas. How cool is that? We’ve always wanted to go to The Himalayas with The Whiskey Hotline…..might as well try the barley. On the nose, wonderful sweet sugars from the time spent in bourbon barrels. Cinnamon, honey, and soft spice. On the taste, we’re experiencing a nice balance of sweet and spice with more honey, vanilla, and cacao. The finish is quite long with bourbon sugars and spice lingering.

Paul John Edited Hint of Peat Indian Single Malt

This Edited version adds a dose of peated malt to the already delightfully fruity Paul John malt for an extra layer of spice. On the nose, we’re very much thinking of roasted chocolates and herbs with dark coffee and fruit. Intriguing to say the least. On the taste, smoked barley with dark chocolates and caramelized sugars. The finish is lovely with vanilla and dark cacao lingering alongside soft peat as the malt coats the mouth. Really surprising whiskey with a lot of layers and a great price.


Tasmania, home to the Tasmanian Devil and loads of great Whiskey. Whiskey has been made on the island since the late eighties with Lark starting production in 1992. The Lark Distillery offers a range of malts, all aged in smaller casks. They even use local peat, which lends a subtle hint of mint to the whiskies.

Lark Distillery Single Cask, Cask Strength

Full throttle Tasmanian malt at its finest. The nose drips with sweet malt, plum, raisin, and roasted toffee. On the taste sweet smoke snakes through raisins, plums, vanilla, and cinnamon. The finish is sweet and pleasant with lingering toffee and a touch of smoke.

Lark Tasmanian Single Malt200mL Bottle ...

On the nose, loads of tropical fruit, soft smoke, and oak spice. On the taste, earthy smoke, soft fruit and spice with a touch of stewed plum. The finish is soft and long with fruit and spice lingering alongside whiffs of smoke. Delicately layered with a full flavor. A classic.


Whiskey World Tour

With the Binny’s World of Whiskies event right around the corner, there’s no better time to highlight the range of whiskey produced all over the world. Whether corn, rice or barley, chestnut, cherrywood or oak, whiskey is a global spirit with a global range of flavors. Join us on our voyage to flavor as we explore the ingredients and processes that both separate and unite whiskey traditions around the globe.


When thinking about distillates native to France two obvious grape spirits grab all the attention. Since the late 80’s, however, there’s been an uprising based around malted barley and oak barrel aging. The Warenghem distillery started whisky production in 1987 and the French whisky industry hasn’t looked back since with over 40 distilleries operating in the country today.

Brenne French Single Malt Whisky

This unique French single malt first sees some time in Limousine oak barrels and is then finished in ex-Cognac barrels. The result is a stunning whiskey. On the nose, fruit jumps from the glass with flavors of candied orchard fruits, tropical fruits, and baking spices. On the palate, caramelized sugars, tropical fruits, and pleasant spice with the character of the Cognac barrels being subtly revealed. The finish is long with dark cocoa, tropical fruits and baking spices lingering. Lovingly sweet and unique.

Brenne Ten 10 year old Limited Release French Single Malt

Made in Cognac with organically grown barley and double distilled in an alembic still. Only four single barrels were blended together to create Brenne Ten. Light bodied yet flavor packed, the nose opens with ripe fruits, a touch of chocolate and honey. The palate highlights red berries along with vanilla and brown sugar. Lots of honey and vanilla oak on the finish.

Armorik Breton Single Malt

Made from 100% French malted barley, and aged in a combination of sherry and ex-bourbon casks. On the nose, this malt exudes a wonderful light citrus quality along with flowers and soft spice. Just a hint of Orange blossoms in the background. On the taste, spice becomes more noticeable with oak and more citrus, all without being aggressive. The finish reveals a touch of smoke and spice lingering softly. Quite reminiscent of a soft easy Speyside.

Armorik French Single Malt Finished in ex Dartigalongue Armagnac Barrels

The latest release in the Warenghem Distillery’s Armorik Single Malt line, aged four years in ex-bourbon barrels and finished for an additional two years in ex-Dartigalongue Armagnac barrels. This makes for a particularly luscious single malt. Big and chewy with lots of fruit and caramelized sugars. Finish goes on for days with some tobacco and baking spices.

Bastille Whisky 1789

A lovely blended whisky from France distilled from barley and wheat. On the nose, loads of fruit including candied orange, dried orchard fruits, even some tropical fruits with baking spices. On the taste, more fruit with spice and a dash of pepper. The finish is refreshing with more orange flavors and pepper spice.

Penderyn Welsh Single Malt

Although distillation in Wales dates back to the Middle Ages, it had been over 100 years since a commercial distillery had operated in the country when the Welsh Whisky Company started bottling Penderyn in 2004. The original Penderyn, also known as Welsh Gold, is a richly flavored and full-bodied malt. It’s finished in Madeira casks, which is always a plus. It has a slightly sweet nose, full of fruit with a hint of vanilla in the background. The palate has a creamy feel with hints of golden raisins, oak and a touch of nuttiness. Finish is long but drying with distinct tropical fruits.

"Golden amber color. Fig, dried tropical fruit and flowers aromas with a nice layer of honey, ginger, and spice. A very smooth and round entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity medium body of pronounced sweet fig, dried papaya, and herbal honey flavors. Finishes with a long five spice, crystallized ginger, and pink peppercorn fade."  Reviewed by: Beverage Testing Institute

PUR Geist Bavarian Hop Flavored Whiskey

It makes sense that Germany would have at least some amount of Whiskey. After all, you can’t make Whiskey without first making a beer of some sort. In this case, the distillers use a dark, malty bock beer flavored with hops to distill. Aged in bourbon barrels, and finished in vintage Grappa casks made of Chestnut. This whiskey drinks on the drier side with noticeable influence from the malt and hops. A real treat.


Austria has a rich history of distillation, although focused mainly on various fruit brandies and schnapps. That’s changed recently as whisky has boomed in popularity. There are now over 10 whisky distilleries in the country.

Wieser Wachau 7 year old Single Malt aged in Sherry Cask

A whisky for the sherry lover. On the nose, raisins, vanilla, marzipan, malt, and spice. The palate is fat and round. In the taste, more raisins, vanilla, oak spice, malt, and dark rich fruit with a touch of dark chocolate. The finish lingers as the sherry notes fade with oak spice. Lovely whiskey which started its life in Scotland, and grew up in Spain. This is a blend of more than 30 whiskies which were sent to Spain, and then finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels. 

Wieser Wachau 7 year old Single Malt aged in Pinot Noir Barrel

Quadruple distilled and finished in Pinot barrels. The nose reveals the wood influence while baking spices and bananas dance around with tropical fruits and malt. The taste continues the Pinot theme along with malt and soft spice. The finish is soft and pleasant with sugars fading slowly.


Another European nation with a heritage of the distilled arts, mostly in the form of brandy. However, whisky’s popularity knows no bounds, and the liquid gold has been produced in Spain since the early 1960’s.

Nomad Outland Whisky

A whisky for the sherry lover. On the nose, raisins, vanilla, marzipan, malt, and spice. The palate is fat and round. In the taste, more raisins, vanilla, oak spice, malt, and dark rich fruit with a touch of dark chocolate. The finish is lingering as the sherry notes fade with oak spice. Lovely whiskey which started its life in Scotland, and grew up in Spain. This is a blend of more than 30 whiskies which were sent to Spain, and then finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels. 

Navazos-Palazzi Spanish Single Malt Aged in Palo Cortado Cask

Made from 100% malted barley grown in Spain. This is exciting stuff, aged in Palo Cortado Sherry barrels. Palo Cortado is actually quite rare, so we’re excited to see how it influences the malt here. On the nose, the sherry shows in more of a tart way with sweetness abounding through the nose. Some orchard fruits and berries are present as well with a bit of malt. Overall just a lovely fruit filled nose. On the taste, the flavors on the nose transfer nicely to the palate with a decent weight and viscosity to the liquid. The finish is pleasant with sherry fruit and spice lingering.

Navazos-Palazzi Single Grain Spanish Whisky Aged in Palo Cortado Cask

Really fun stuff here. This beauty was distilled from 100% corn grown in Spain and run through a column still. Again, like the single malt, this whisky was aged in fresh Palo Cortado casks. Those fresh sherry casks are real standouts. Rather nutty on the nose with stewed fruits, tart cherry, and a very grape character. The taste is rather sweet with tastes leaning towards grape, stewed fruits, sherry, and spice. The finish is sweet and pleasant with sugars lingering alongside spice. An unexpected treat that highlights the subtleties in whisk(e)y terroir.

English Whiskey Company Peated Single Malt Cask Strength

Not to be outdone by their northern neighbors, The English Whisky Company has been distilling great malt since 2006. As the stocks age, the whisky continues to grow in depth and character. This peated version is bottled at cask strength. The nose shows hints of lemon peel, orange zest, baked apples, caramelized sugars, peat, and spice. On the taste, the sweet notes from the nose are present with a nice viscosity, smoke, cream and stewed plums with butterscotch. The finish is soft with peat lingering with spice. Lovely option to your daily tea consumption.

South Africa
Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky Single Grain

Whisky has a long history in South Africa with the James Sedgwick Distillery operating for more than 130 years. Most South African whiskies are styled after the whiskies of Scotland, but Bain’s is more American in style because it’s a single grain whisky, made from 100% South African corn. On the nose, very bourbon-esque. Flavors of vanilla, caramel, toffee, and corn mingle nicely. On the taste, more sweet goodness with corn pudding and caramelized sugars. The finish is pleasant with vanilla, and soft spice fading.

You can’t spell Spring without Gin

OK, maybe we haven’t had ideal Spring weather yet, but that just makes us look for our favorite Spring drinks all the more. Gin is near the top of that list. If you’ve been in the stores recently, you likely have noticed a flood of new gins. Here is a highlight of a few of the most interesting new entries to this booming category:

Rendle's Original Gin

This gin starts it’s life as a London Dry, but it then infused with spiced bitters. It’s pink color alludes to it’s floral bouquet but there is more to this gem of a gin than that. Citrus, juniper and cardamom are all here as well. Star anise gives a notable licorice note to the finish. A wonderful gin on it’s own, but it also works surprisingly well as an old fashioned. Just muddle an orange slice in some simple syrup, add the gin and some citrus bitters to taste, and you’ve got a fresh springtime take on a classic.

Principe de los Apostoles Mate Gin

Yerba Mate comes to Gin. Apostoles honors one of Argentina's most important beverages, mate, with this bright, minty, delightful gin featuring yerba mate as one of it's short list of botanicals. Juniper berries, coriander seeds, peppermint, eucalyptus, and pink grapefruit round out the botanicals, all steeped separately before distillation in 200L copper pot stills. The resulting mash up of the savory herb and slightly grassy character of the mate, mint, bright citrus, and drying notes of the coriander and juniper is quite enjoyable straight up and slightly chilled. A slice of orange and a splash of tonic are also great accompaniments, best if used sparingly.

Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin

Finally after years of requests we can finally bring you Gin Mare, the bestselling gin in Spain, which drinks more gin than just about any country in the world. So why is this gin worth talking about? As usual, it’s all in the botanicals. Besides the standard juniper, cardamom, citrus and so on it is infused with basil, thyme, rosemary and Arbequina olives. This definitely makes for a more savory and herbaceous gin, but not so much that it gets pigeonholed into a select few cocktails. Try it in a Pegu Club or a Last Word.

Stirks Small Batch Gin Oak Barrel Finished

Now this is a new direction for gin. Sure, gins have been aged in barrels before, and we’ve had plenty of them, but this is aged in Speyside Scotch whisky casks. It’s made by the same folks who are bottling those excellent “ “Exclusive Malts” whiskies. The oak character this imparts is noticeably whisky oak, with vanilla and caramel and a full, creamy, whisky-like body. The finish even lingers with sweet cereal grains and toffee like a Scotch. A whisky and gin hybrid that lives up to the quality standards of both.

Exceptional Chicago Gins
  • Chicago Distilling Finn's Gin
    Chicago Distilling
    Finn's Gin

    A more balanced gin than some classic London Drys with more citrus to round out the juniper. This easy sipping, lemon forward gin is perfect for the FRENCH 75 cocktail.

  • Letherbee Gin
    Letherbee Gin
    Layer upon layer of botanicals is the strength of this Whiskey Hotline favorite. All those layers of juniper, coriander, cinnamon, pepper, and citrus shine with the sweet and sour flavors of THE LAST WORD.

  • North Shore Gin No 6
    North Shore Gin No 6
    This balance, citrus-y and floral gin is about as easy drinking as gin gets. Perfect for those new to gin, or for cocktails that need lighter flavors. It really jumps in a classic like the AVIATION where it doesn't overpower the violet.

  • North Shore Gin No 11
    North Shore Gin No 11
    The granddaddy of local gins. This juniper heavy London Dry is a classic on its own, so we like it in a cocktail that showcases the gin, like a dry martini or a gin and tonic.

  • ch Distillery London Dry Gin
    ch Distillery
    London Dry Gin

    Although not as over-the-top juniper heavy as some other London Dry's, this beauty from CH is full of balance with cardamom, citrus, and pepper. Goes great in a spirit forward cocktail like the VESPER.

  • Oppidan Botanical Gin
    Oppidan Botanical Gin
    Loads of citrus lead the charge with grapefruit and lemon peel at the front. Backed up by floral, pepper, and ginger notes. Great gin for those not so in love with juniper.

  • Copper Fiddle Gin
    Copper Fiddle Gin
    This Genever style from Lake Zurich is fuller flavored but soft and round. Perfect for our VEEL GELUK, where it sits in perfect balance with a good raspberry liqueur.

  • Koval Dry Gin
    Koval Dry Gin
    Don't be fooled by the pretty label, this gin is the real deal. Lots of floral elements with some mild citrus make this one of the most refreshing summer gins on this list.

  • Fox River Distilling Geneva's Preservation Gin
    Fox River Distilling Geneva's Preservation Gin
    The Western 'burbs are getting into the mix as well with this citrus forward favorite from Fox River Distilling. Wonderfully balanced gin that is versatile enough for any classic gin cocktail.

Compass Box Great King Street Single Marrying Casks Casks

It’s not every day you see single casks of Blended Scotch Whisky. After all, it’s antithetical to the entire idea of Blended Scotch. Consistency and homogeneity are king when it comes to blends, but of course we can count on Compass Box to upend industry norms. We’ve always been fans of the standard Great King Street release as an affordable, and flavor packed, everyday dram. So when we were offered the chance to get a couple of handpicked casks with different finishing options it was an easy yes.

After all of the component whiskies in Great King Street are blended together, the blend is put back into the original barrels that the component whiskies came from. Those barrels vary greatly, and could be American oak, sherry butts, French oak and others. Great King Street is aged an additional year or two in these “marrying cask” barrels before being blended back together again and bottled.

Compass Box Great King Street Marrying Cask #1 Finished 1 year in ex Highland Malt Butt Binny's Handpicked

Cask number 1 was actually a sherry butt that held a Highland Single malt. We can’t tell you which distillery, but we can tell you the original distillery was destroyed by a flood. So what did the sherry butt do? Added dark stewed fruits, raisins, plums, herbs, and overall depth of character and body. Of course the sherried, dark fruits are there on the nose with a hint of sulfur in the background with a touch of candied orange as well. Velvety on the palate with fig, raisin and a touch of tobacco. Very long finish with fruit leather and more candied citrus. A stunner.

Compass Box Great King Street Marrying Cask #8 Finished in ex Oak Cross Malt Blend Cask for 1 year Binny's Handpicked

The French oak plays a leading role in this one, with rich spices and a well defined toasted oak character. Light and buttery fruits jump out on the nose with some oak spice and toffee rounding it out. A creamy mouthfeel with more buttered fruit, mostly apple. Some baking spice and nutty toffee in there as well. Rich and creamy finish. Tremendous bang for the buck at 98 proof.

In case you missed it:
The Annasach Reserve 25 year old Blended Malt Binny's Select Wm Grants

As long as we’re talking about full flavored, luxury blends, have you tried The Annasach Reserve yet? Scotch with this intersection of age, depth of flavor and price doesn’t come around often. If you’re serious about your Scotch collection you owe it to yourself to try this one.

Binny's is thrilled to partner with legendary family-owned Scotch blender William Grant to bring the US's first ever Luxury Blended Malt. Grant gave us access to their extensive library of stocks to construct a complex, rich yet subtle blending of malts aged a minimum of 25 years. Key components include first and second fill sherried malts from Speyside and the Highlands, bourbon aged Highland malts, and a bit of spice from the addition of a thirty year old Islay. If you're a fan of complex whisky, do not miss the Annasach Reserve.

The Malort Hotline

We figured it was about time we honored Sweden’s Chicago’s native spirit, the incomparably delicious Malort. Don’t be fooled by those reviews that say things like “it tastes like burning diapers” or “it’s turning my taste-buds into taste-foes.” This heavenly nectar is mother nature’s gift, so don’t believe your friend who calls it the Champagne of Pain, he’s a weakling and you probably shouldn’t be friends with him. Who needs friends when you have Malort?

Jeppson's Malort

Nose is reminiscent of the joyful wonder of red rubber recess balls as they hit you in the face in a game of dodge ball.Lovely lemon peel notes and grapefruit pith interspersed with the metallic sensation of licking a 9 volt battery. Bracingly bitter in a wonderfully peculiar way, like spraying Windex in your mouth and secretly liking it. A late night Chicago classic with a taste that stays until morning then asks you for an Uber home.

Letherbee Limited Label R. Franklin's Original Recipe Besk

Chicago classic? Check. Chicago made? Check. More gin-like on the nose with a resiny juniper, grapefruit and lemon peel mix. Loads of licorice on the palate with herbal notes underneath and a clean, bitter finish.

Dala Spirits Baska Snaps med Malort1L Bottle ...

The softest sharpened nail of the bunch, Baska marries all of the classic Malort flavors in an Aquavit base. Wormwood is of course the key ingredient, much like gold foil for a famous 16 year old Bourbon by the name that will not be spoken. A super treat for a super friend.

Few Spirits Anguish & Regret Malort-like Liqueur

Anguish – Severe mental or physical pain or suffering. Regret – Feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity). Pretty much sums up our feelings on the current state of bourbon. Bitter and a struggle to choke down, but worth the effort.


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