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Islay Triple Play

In baseball, we all love to see a triple play. The famous Kildalton coast is home to three of the world’s most notoriously smoky malts: Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg. Here’s an Islay Triple Play of limited releases sure to please any fan of peat. But hurry, these are limited releases after all.

Lagavulin Distillers Edition

Last shot at this until the Fall. Grab some of the last bottles of what is perennially the most sought after of the Classic Malt DEs. Take the already sublime Lagavulin 16 year old and let it rest for another year, year and a half in ex Pedro Ximenez Sherry barrels and you arrive at this stately whisky. Massive smoke on the nose, with hints of black tea, brine, and dried fruit. The typical Lagavulin palate of grill smoke, sweet malt and fruit welcomes the company of the rich dried fruit character from the additional finishing. After raisins, prunes, apricots, and figs popped to mind, we stopped trying to name everything we were tasting and just sat back and enjoyed it. All of the above linger in the lengthy finish.

Ardbeg Dark Cove Standard Release

This year’s Ardbeg limited release bursts with buckets of peat on the nose. Under the peat, layers of stewed fruit, spice, burning embers and brine. Nicely constructed layers of flavor to sniff. Fat viscosity on the palate. Pepper and smoke with a dose of sherry, vanilla, orchard fruit and peat as well. The finish is long and warming, with peat sticking around in the front while the softer notes of fruit and sherry lie underneath. Beautiful whisky.

Laphroaig Lore

Laphroaig’s latest is a love letter to the distillery’s past. Peat up front and in charge on the nose, with a honeyed citrus quality swimming just beneath the smoke along with some nuttiness and cacao. The peat on the rich palate takes on a punchier tact with big spice, honeyed vanilla and fruit. The beautifully long finish shows sweeter fruits lingering along with the briny peat.

Introducing Papa’s Pilar

Papa is Ernest Hemingway, and Pilar is his boat. Famous for his writing, Hemingway was just as prolific at exploring, hunting and fishing. Papa’s Pilar is the perfect sidekick for any adventure. This is worldly rum, aged in a unique solera system with French, Port, bourbon and Spanish wine barrels, sourced from the Caribbean, Florida, and Central America. Top to bottom, these are all wonderfully complex rums.

Papa's Pilar 3 Blonde Rum

The baby of the lineup features a beautiful nose of citrus, vanilla, and caramel, with a touch of spice and brown sugar. Big caramel, vanilla and brown sugar in the taste. Lingering finish of spice and brown sugar. Pleasantly complex for a younger rum.

Papa's Pilar 24 Dark Rum Finished in Spanish Sherry Casks

A uniquely complex nose in the world of rum. Brown sugar, vanilla, caramel, sultanas and spice. On the palate, citrus cuts through along with anise and raisin. Vanilla and caramel linger in the lengthy finish with sherry flavors. Beautiful rum, and unlike many others currently available.

Papa's Pilar 24 Dark Rum Finished an Additional 90 Days Binny's Handpicked

This limited bottling uses the 24 Dark as a base, which then ages an additional 90 days. Caramelized brown sugar, sultanas, toffee, vanilla, and port on the nose. A big round rum on the tongue with butterscotch, citrus, oak spice, vanilla, brown sugar, and sherry flavors. Big and beautifully bold rum perfect for sipping.

Papa's Pilar 24 Dark Rum Finished an Additional 120 Days Binny's Handpicked

Mesmerizing dark rum. Sweet brown sugar on the nose with caramel and vanilla, plus an herbal element lying just beneath the surface with sherry and port notes. Wonderfully complex and welcoming. The fat body carries loads of flavors. Vanilla, sherry and port, caramel, brown sugar and spice from the wood. Dangerously drinkable and a new Hotline fave.

Rollin In

These hot new releases just arrived, some in limited quantities. If you don't see it at your favorite Binny's, you know who to ask.

Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask Finished Limited ReleaseA new limited release from Glen Moray aged in chardonnay cask. Orchard fruit, cinnamon, butterscotch. A solid release.

Hakushu distillery, not Yamazaki, makes the backbone of the new Suntory Toki blend, with a heavy grain influence from Suntory’s Chita distillery, adding green apple and spice. Quite a deal in world whisky.

We’ve never seen a peated Glenrothes. This isn’t exactly one, but it does see aging in casks that previously held peated whisky, adding a whiff of smoke over that classic Glenrothes cream. Delicious.

The Exceptional Malt and The Exceptional Blend. They got the names right. Blended by and with some ex-Macallan goodies.

Fat and sweet wheat whiskey cut through with a high proof.

Low Gap 2 year old 100 Proof Whiskey Distilled from Malted Hard WheatIt’s finally readily available, and at a fair price! Hirsch Reserve Small Batch Bourbon.

Milwaukee’s finest bourbon is back with a vinous twist.

Nomad Outland Whiskey. Scotch aged in Spain, finished in Sherry casks. You can't call it "Scotch" after all that, but you can call it delicious.

Lock Stock & Barrel 16 year Rye - three more years and a robust 107 proof improve on the already fantastic 13 year.

Foraged botanicals vary by season. We just got the spring version of Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin.


THREE LITTLE HANDPICKED PIGS: Binny’s Handpicked WhistlePig

I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll drink your rye down! Maybe no huffing or puffing, but I’ll definitely drink any of these new Whistle Pig barrels. These three little pigs, as we call them, are explosive and intriguing. Made from 100% rye, they're big and sturdy like a house made of bricks, and will stand up to any big bad wolf.

WhistlePig 10 Year Cask Strength Rye Single Barrel #31 "To Market"

Marked by explosive wintergreen on the nose. Vanilla, caramel and anise are in the mix as well, but wintergreen leads the way. On the tongue the flavors really explode. A red fruit note arrives in the mid palate with pepper and anise. Red fruit lingers on the finish with chewy wintergreen and vanilla.

WhistlePig 10 Year Cask Strength Rye Single Barrel #137 "Went Home"

Nicely balanced with wintergreen, cinnamon and vanilla. On the palate the rye grain jumps out along with clove, fruit, and vanilla. The finish is long with orchard fruit, cinnamon and wintergreen leading the way. A dynamic rye with loads of spice, and buckets of fruit.

WhistlePig 10 Year Cask Strength Rye Single Barrel #144 "Roast Beef"

Reveals a dose of brown sugar alongside big chewy wintergreen. 'Nilla, caramel and spice round out the nose. The palate jumps with wintergreen and spice. Flavors of fruit, pepper, and deep rich dark anise persist through the lengthy finish.

Your Rum Style Guide

It’s time to celebrate America’s first love, rum. Distilled in the colonies as early as the 1660’s, this spirit was so popular that distillers followed just behind the front lines in the Revolutionary War, catering to thirsty soldiers. Back then, it is estimated that the average Americans drank 13.64 liters of rum every year.

All rum is distilled from sugar, whether it’s from fermented sugar cane juice, syrup or molasses. With so many producers across so many countries, variety is the theme. Distilled in pot stills, column stills, wooden coffey stills, and a variety of other stills, the rum is often blended from a combination of these, the result is many unique takes on this one category.

Light Rum

Generally bottled with minimal time in barrels (as little as a year), light rum is often distilled in column stills. The result is a soft, easy drinking rum perfect for fresh cocktails.

Mount Gay Eclipse Silver Rum

Distilled from Molasses, this silver rum is surprisingly complex. The nose is sweet and buttery with molasses notes. Soft citrus, herbal mint and tropical fruits persist throughout. A classic silver rum.

Ron Botran Etiqueta Blanca Rum

Distilled from fermented sugar cane juice in Guatemala, this blanca is actually an aged rum. After 3 years in wood, the liquid is filtered and the color removed. The result is a soft, creamy rum perfect for mixing or sipping with complex cane flavors including vanilla, cinnamon, tropical fruit, and pleasant spice.

Gold Rum

Lighter than Dark Rum, heavier than blanca. In this case, “gold” refers to the color of the liquid. The hue sometimes comes from barrels, sometimes from added coloring.

Appleton Special Gold Jamaican Rum

A combination of rums from pot and column distillation. Balanced and easy, showing notes of molasses, buttery vanilla and cinnamon spice. Splendid for mixing.

Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Rum Gold

Another combination of distillation styles, all distilled from molasses, masterfully blended and colored with gold-tint caramel. Fruity with ripe tropical fruits, cane and spice notes make this rum complex on its own.

Dark Rum

Darker in color, often a result from longer aging and heavier use of black strap or burnt molassas. Dark rums are also heavier on the palate with strong molasses flavors and rich vanilla. Some of our favorites are listed below.

Myers's Dark Rum

Dark and heavy. Distilled from molasses in a combination of continuous and pot distillation. The pot still gives a fat, oily spirit that you can feel on the palate. The continuous distillate provides softer complexity. The final product is actually 9 rums of varying ages, resulting in a fat, rich rum loaded with molasses, oak, cinnamon, and toffee.

Plantation Original Dark Rum

A combination of rums sourced from Trinidad and Tobago, aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finished for roughly a year in Cognac barrels. They range in age from 3 to 20 years old. The result is an incredibly complex rum loaded with cane sugar, citrus, anise, vanilla, and spice.

Bacardi Limited Edition 10 Year Old Barrel Aged Rum Binny’s Handpicked

This limited 10 year old rum has everything we like about dark rums. A blend of 3 barrels, its rich molasses character is complemented with vanilla and toffee. A light spice persists in this balanced and easy sipping rum.

2004 Plantation Rum Finished in Port Cask Binny’s Handpicked

Along with its usual time in barrel, this rum was finished in a Port barrel for 6 months. The Port finish adds a rare depth of fruit. Rich cane notes, molasses, spice, and vanilla are rounded out with a subtle raisin quality. Balanced and complex, marked by an incredibly velvety smooth character on the palate.

Rhum Agricole

Rather than molasses, Rhum Agricole is made from the fresh squeezed juice of the sugar cane. Regions carry AOC status similar to protected wine appellations. Currently, only 23 municipalities in Martinique are afforded this protection.

La Favorite Rhum Agricole Blanc1L Bottle $29.99

Some of the sweetest rum from Martinique. Flavors of citrus mingle nicely with the cane flavors for a pleasant experience in any cocktail or sipped neat.

Rhum J.M. VSOP Rhum Agricole

From a protected AOC in Martinique. Three years aging in ex-bourbon barrels, followed by a year in lightly toasted new American oak, adds a depth of flavor to this Agricole. Chewy and rich with cinnamon, anise, citrus and cane sugar notes. Smooth and subtle, this is a great Agricole for sipping neat.

Overproof Rum

Overproof Rums are higher in alcohol, their powerful nature making them key ingredients for many classic tiki cocktails. Please be careful.

Hamilton 151 Overproof Demerara Rum

This classic rum is distilled from fermented molasses and aged up to five years in wood. Complex and surprisingly approachable, this rum shows flavors of burnt sugar, toasted wood, dark fruit, and rich warm spices.

Plantation Original Overproof Rum1L Bottle $29.99

The full throttle version of Plantation Dark. Minus the water, this rum really explodes on the tongue. Big fat rich ripe fruit, vanilla, butterscotch, and molasses. Quite pleasant, and perfect for any of your tiki needs.

Flavored Rum

Much like the vodka aisle, we’re seeing more and more flavored rums. The most common being spiced rum, often unaged and frequently seasoned with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and sugar. But there are some incredible flavors out there today:

Brinley Gold Shipwreck Coconut Rum

This is a molasses based rum, giving it a rich warm base that is perfect for adding flavors. At Brinley’s, they’ve added all natural coconuts from the island of St. Kitts, making a buttery rum with a wonderful flavor of coconut. Perfect for cocktails or sipped over ice.

Plantation Original Pineapple Rum

An absolute must have. The nose on this is more rich molasses rum than anything else. But when you taste it, the pineapple jumps out. The perfect balance of fruit and rum. Rich molasses, vanilla, cinnamon, spice, and of course big juicy pineapple chunks. So good.

Weekend Cocktail Pick


The first Zombie was concocted to help a hung over customer survive a business meeting. We suggest skipping the meeting to enjoy this classic, which uses four different types of rum. Limit two per person.

1/2 oz Light Rum
1-1/2 oz Gold Rum
1 oz Dark Rum
1/2 oz Overproof Rum
1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1 tsp Pineapple Juice
1 tsp Mango Juice
1 tsp Falernum Syrup
Sprig of Mint

Stir ingredients together in a shaker (except the overproofed rum) and pour into a tall glass with ice. Top off with the overproof rum & garnish with a sprig of mint.


This South Sea classic demands a fine rum base like rhum agricole. As well as a sandy & sunny afternoon to savor its fine flavors. Maui in May would be ideal, but lakeshore Chicago will work just as well.

2 oz Rhum Agricole Blanc
1/2 oz Petite Canne Syrup
Fresh Lime Slices

Mix these together, then squeeze 2-1/4 inch thick lime slices (not wedges) into a rocks glass (wide base so it doesn't tip over on the boat!) and drop the slices into drink. If you can source sweeter limes like Mexican Limon or maybe a Key Lime, great. Finish with ice; small scoop of crushed ice is ideal, lacking that finish with a couple of cubes.
*Supply is limited on a lot of this stuff. That's part of what makes it so exciting. If you don't see something here at your favorite Binny's Beverage Depot location, be sure to ask. And you can always reach the Whiskey Hotline by email or by calling (888) 817-5898.

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