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Handpicked Hits

We scour warehouses and barrel rooms all over the world for unique offerings, whittling down the choices to just those we love enough to call Binny's Handpicked Selections. Your party is sure to love these selections as much as we do:

Bacardi Limited Edition
Binny's Handpicked 10 Year Old Rum ...

The Bacardi family almost single-handedly defined rum today – a refined and polished spirit with a new world power all its own. Binny's is honored to be the first retailer in Bacardi's 153 year history to be invited to dig through their private collection of aging rums. The result is this Handpicked Bacardi – an industry breakthrough and a delicious rum.

Angel's Envy
Binny's Handpicked Blends ...

Lincoln Henderson deployed his unsurpassed depth of experience when he first crafted bottles of port-barrel finished whisky. With the whiskey's rich cherry notes amplified by the port barrel finishing, Angel's Envy offers a departure from traditional bourbon while remaining undeniably American. Our Handpicked expressions include a little something special.

Casa Noble Tequila
Binny's Handpicked Joven, Reposado, Anejo $59.99-$89.99 ...-... w/Binny's Card

From clean and pure to smoky and spicy, tequila can be robust as Islay and nuanced as Cognac. Casa Noble's careful combination of agave balanced by high quality oak is breathtaking. We traveled to Tequila; returning with two barrels each of three expressions, picking pairs of barrels to ensure supply.

WhistlePig Binny's Handpicked Cask Strength Rye ...

Spice-driven, aggressive, uncompromising - rye is not for the feint of heart! Often distilled in the north – because rye thrives there, and because rye's potency lends a warmth to chase away the winter chill. Our Handpicked Single Barrels from Whistle Pig are among the hardest hitting. You’ve been warned!

The Annasach Reserve Binny's Handpicked 25 Year Old Blended Malt ...

A bespoke whisky crafted with the assistance of Binny’s Whisky Buyer Brett Pontoni, The Annasach Reserve is everything you expect and more. This blend of rare old whiskies – several from long shuttered distilleries – captures the classic flavors of Scotland without losing the nuance and distinctiveness of each component. A classic in the making that stands above more famous luxury blends.

Passing Shots

Wow, it's been a while. Catching up, here's what's new from Scotland:

The Lost BlendCompass Box released two great new blends. The first, The Lost Blend, recreates their original Eluthera, a lovely vatting tragically discontinued a decade ago.

Second is the expansion of their Great King Street line with the new Glasgow Blend. This flavorful, rich and smoky blend pays homage to Glaswegians everywhere.

Finally, finally! The single malt at the heart of several iconic blends in an obtainable distiller bottling. Starting with Craigellachie 13 and 23, and more on the way.

BalvenieHere's a 50 year old single cask from Balvenie. It costs over forty thousand dollars, and we only got one.

Try the new Glenturret 10 year old. Highly regarded by insiders, this distillery is the cornerstone of The Famous Grouse. Same goes for their 27 year old, which is relatively rare because of the distillery's size.

Hotline favorite and unsung hero of the Highlands Pulteney is back with another wonderful older release, this time 35 years old.

First EditionsIndie news: First Editions is/are here. Another generation of the Laing family has joined the business. Stuart Laing of Old Malt Cask fame? His sons have the family's nose for whisky, apparent with initial offerings as wonderful as these.

More indie news: our second wave from Exclusive Malts just arrived. These are Beautiful limited releases sourced by longtime industry veteran Ed Kohl. Great bottles.

More more indie news: tiny amounts of new releases from Cadenheads and Blackadder are in. Fanboys, please inquire.

Speaking of Blackadder, Black Snake Vattings 1 and 5 are out now, also in tiny quantities. Like a solera, casks are refilled before completely emptied. 1 is a vatting of various casks from an undisclosed Speyside distillery.

AD Rattray's Cask Islay Vatting #2If that grabs your attention, also check out AD Rattray's Cask Islay Vatting #2. It's a vatting of great casks from an extremely popular Islay distillery whose name will never be revealed but who you totally know.

Here's a mouthful: Bunnahabhain Ceobanach. Say it like this: "kai bonk." It means "smoky mist," a great description for this lovely new Islay.

New vintages are here from Glenrothes (1992) and Balblair (2002).

Blue HangerThe newest Blue Hangar blended malt is here. It's tenth in the series, but just the second to hit the US following #7. These are elegant, rich, Speyside-forward blends.

You like Springbank? Try Kilkerran. From the Glengyle distillery, associated with Springbank and run by the Springbank crew. This is the sixth in their Work in Progress series, six years after the distillery's revival, available in bourbon and Sherry finish.

Get ready for another release in Glenlivet's Nadurra line. This one is dubbed "First Fill Selection," is non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength from first fill bourbon casks. Coming soon.

TusailGlenmorangie's latest limited release is in. Until now, the annual series placed emphasis on barrels and wood. This time, Tusail focuses on a single grain: Maris Otter barley aged in first fill bourbon casks.

Kilchoman struck gold when they discovered how well their whiskies drink at such a young age. Their new 3 year old Port Cask is no exception. There wasn't much to go around, and we got as much as we could, so if you want some, act fast.

Rollin' In

It's not all about Scotch. What else is rollin' in?

We just picked up a slug of crazy rare Darroze Armagnac. These are collectable, rare and expensive. If you're in the market for phenomenal Armagnac, just ask.
1870 Original BatchOld Forester stepped it up with their new 1870 Original Batch. It pays homage to the origins of this classic distillery. It is fantastic bourbon, and a relative value considering today's designer bourbon scene.
Binny's welcomes Fox River Distilling Company to the Illinois craft distilling scene. Their initial launch includes Geneva's Preservation Gin and Herrington Premium Vodka. Looking forward to the brown stuff.
Straight Edge BourbonWine geeks know Orin Swift's David Phinney as a powerhouse winemaker and creater of one of the most successful wines of recent years – Prisoner. Now he's getting into the bourbon game with Straight Edge Bourbon. Yes, it's contract juice, but it is finished in Phinney's Orin Swift Mercury Head Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.
Can you believe we're almost to the end of the Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Single Oak Project? Yes, it's true. Maybe once all the bottles are released, we'll have a complete set or two for sale...
Schwartzhog is Krauter than ever in this 1.75 liter bottle.
Bertina Elderflower Liqueur. This Scandinavian version is less sweet and more intense than more popular elderflower liqueurs, making it perfect for dry, complex gin cocktails.
Spanish Xoriguer Gin de MahonIt isn't widely know by Americans, but Spain is one of the biggest gin drinking countries in the world. Try this Spanish Xoriguer Gin de Mahon, done in the round, oily and muted genever style.
In addition to their excellent Diamante (filtered) tequila, you'll now fild Maestro Dobel Silver, Reposado and Anejo. Fun fact: Dobel is quietly a side project of the CEO and heir of the family-owned Jose Cuervo, who with that company's blessing, released these excellent, single-estate tequilas.
If you haven't yet, you absolutely need to taste Casa Dragones Joven. It is phenomenal. But if it seems too "special occasion" to you, give their new Blanco a try. It's an excellent introdution to the house style at a fraction of the price.
Green Spot was the biggest Irish whiskey release of 2014. Meet the biggest Irish release of 2015.
Hamilton 151 Overproof Demerara RumRum fans, especially fans of tiki cocktails: Do you miss Lemon Hart 151? We do too. Minister of Rum Ed Hamilton has the solution. Hamilton 151 Overproof Demerara Rum. It is deliciously, dangerously, suspiciously similar to the high-octane, easy-drinking cocktail classic. If you want a tamer version, there's a new 86 proof version as well.
After a ten year hiatus, Beam is finally releasing a new Beam Masterpiece. Remember their excellent Port and Cognac finished bourbons from way back? This time it's finished in Sherry cask.
Another great new addition to American craft whiskey: A.D. Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon. Distilled, aged and bottled in Denver, aged in 53-gallon charred American white oak barrels, made the hard way.
Rye from Pennsylvania? Absolutley. Dad's Hat Rye is a great place to start, but the Vya Sweet Vermouth barrel-aged version is even better. It won't last long.
*Prices valid while supplies last. Not responsible for misprints or typographical errors. Advertised items limited to quantities on hand. Not all items are available at all Binny's locations.

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