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Templeton Small Batch Rye
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750ml Bottle
Case of 6

Item #196001
Size: 750ml
Type: Whiskey
Varietal: Rye
Country: United States
Region: Iowa
Proof: 80

"You might read the backstory of this whiskey - the company claims it's a Prohibition-era recipe and was Al Capone's favorite - and think this is just marketing-driven hooch, but that's far from true. Templeton is a well-balanced rye that's perfect for the holidays. It has a nose of mint and pine and delivers smooth butterscotch and allspice. A true winter warmer. Mr. Capone apparently had very good taste."
Wall Street Journal

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Customer Reviews

Most Recent Reviews

Nope November 05, 2014
Reviewed by: zonda600

Do a quick internet search of Templeton Rye and you'll quickly realize it deserves a frisbee rating. It's not terrible to drink, but approacing $40 for an 80 proof Rye, it is overpriced and its high volume sales are driven entirely by marketing. Stop buying this stuff and support distillers who make a truly quality produc and don't lie about it.

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Smoooooth March 09, 2014
Reviewed by: cletus1rn

Very smooth. Faint flavors of fruit/banana.

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All Reviews

Templeton Rye comment December 19, 2013
Reviewed by: Daver

TR is as good as any Bourbon I have had. A very pleasant surprise. Good day. It is now December 19, 2013 and I still think the TR is as good as they come.

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Dram Nice October 25, 2013
Reviewed by: Dram Stoker

Well, let me say off the bat that the bar was set pretty damn high off of what I had read and heard - I was not disappointed.

Nose: outstanding, pickling herbs and spices, spice continues but then dissipates I'd like to try this at a higher alcohol level, which might allow it to retain a bit of the punch from the nose as the watery element leaves me from giving this highest accolades. 85/100

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Drinks like a $100 bottle of whiskey May 23, 2013
Reviewed by: Art Vanderllay

This was recommended to me from a gentleman in the whiskey aisle over a year ago. He had come to Plainfield to get Templeton Rye because they can't keep it on the shelves in Iowa - where it's made. His words that night " drinks like a $100 bottle of whiskey" and after I tried it, I absolutely agree. In fact we (my brothers and our father) put it up against the very impressive Cask of Dreams by Glenfiddich and I believe it was an even draw between them despite the single malt scotch to rye whiskey comparison. I took…

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