Laphroaig Quarter Cask

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750ml Bottle
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Item #163191

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  • Size: 750ml
  • Type: Scotch
  • Varietal: Single Malt
  • Country: Scotland
  • Region: Islay
  • Proof: 96

A hit at WhiskyFest Chicago, finished in specially manufactered, traditional small casks.
Reviewed by: Binny's
Reviewed by: Binny's

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Customer Reviews

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Peaty paint thinner.
Reviewed by: ChainChompsky | January 16, 2015

Nose: peat punch and rubbing alcohol. Taste: like a 9-volt battery in your mouth. Needs plenty of H2O. Acrid. Sour peat and iodine. Finishes with almonds, copper, brine, vomit, and peat again. At least the 10 is drinkable. Hell, the Cask Strength is smoother than this. Although I have to mention that I am going against the consensus. So try it yourself! Fingers crossed.

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A cut above the standard 10 year old
Reviewed by: Whiskycat | June 20, 2014

On the nose, salty, mineral, medicinal, iodine, strong peat smoke, coal fire, vanilla, slight fruit. On the palate, salt water and sweet spice at the beginning, develops into a strong, phenolic peat explosion with iodine, pepper, and smoked fish (perhaps salmon?). The addition of a touch of water tones down the peat and brings out more vanilla, nutmeg, slight citrus fruit, and a hint of floral. I prefer it without water. It finishes dry and crisp, with smoke that surrounds a mellow woodiness, and a peat/charcoal note with faint wisps of vanilla custard.This is very deep and complex for a…

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Laphroaig QC
Reviewed by: HawkI84 | March 04, 2014

Nose initially very similar to Laphroaig 10, but more assertive and fruitier (smoke/smoked pork shoulder, peat, brine, with sweetness in the background, getting hints of orange too)…reminds me of mixed berries, almost. Taste is smoky and sweet, malty, in a way similar to barbecue, with white pepper and some dried fruit in the background. Noticeably sweeter and almost more sherry-like, and less grainy than the 10. Caramel and a hint of coffee detected on the finish initially, but fades. Better w/o water.

This is outstanding stuff, possibly the best value in scotch there is.

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Laphroaig Quarter Cask 96 proof
Reviewed by: "Texacer" from | July 29, 2013

- Color: bronze golden - Nose: Caramel peat. Full bodied strong smacking floral nose. A vanilla campfire dosed in seawater and smoldering. Homemade bread - Taste: Coffee, Buttercream, Stout Beer, a Well done Steak, Brown Sugar, Smores, Pipe Smoke Vanilla. BBQ, Seaweed, Sweet/bitter Cacao, Burnt Toffee, Caramel Maple, Wood Oil, Coca Cola and Raisins. - Finish: long and terrific. Melts in your mouth, warmth. Why is it called Quarter Cask? Because it goes through the last 9 months of its maturation in a smaller cask. Smaller casks were used in the 1800s because they were easy to tote around stagecoaches…

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