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Cleveland Whiskey Bourbon 100 proof (In Store Only)
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750ml Bottle
Case of 12

Item #59639
Size: 750ml
Type: Whiskey
Varietal: Bourbon
Country: United States
Region: Ohio
Proof: 100

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Customer Reviews

Most Recent Reviews

September 02, 2014
Reviewed by: ChiCitiGirl

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The Extract of Wood March 24, 2014
Reviewed by: EddieV

This is a special process whiskey that claims to attain the flavor profile that is as good if not better than most 10-12 year aged whiskey. Based on their claims this whiskey falls way short. Nose: Ethanol (alcohol). Past that nothing but sawdust, old wet wood. None of the notes that you would expect from an oak aged whiskey especially one that claims to be better that one-aged 10-12 years. No sweet note or spice notes. Tastes: At a 100 proof it’s a high alcohol entry but manageable. The extract of wood. Unrefined wood taste. Then citrus pith, Iodine/soapy. No…

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CLEVELAND October 07, 2013
Reviewed by: brownies12

Tried some recently and really enjoyed the flavor! Goes great in a Manhattan too! Now I can send some to friends out of state!

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Mistake by the Lake October 03, 2013
Reviewed by: ThirstyinOhio

They aren't the first and won't be the last distillery to attempt to speed up the aging process. Unfortunately their process, like all before it such as smaller barrels, sound waves, and other methods of agitation, simply fail at making a palatable whiskey.

Yes, you get the big wood flavor, no surprise there as his system forces the alcohol in and out of the barrel, but there is no balance at all. Where there should be hints of other flavors, such as vanilla, dark chocolate, and so on, its straight up wood pulp. This is simply an unbalanced whiskey that…

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wonderful March 01, 2014
Reviewed by: Mark V

First impression, excellent nose, great cherry and maple notes, a hint of sweetness and slight vanilla. This will be a staple in my cabinet from now on. It would be great with a fine cigar.

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