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World of Whiskies 2013



We tell this story every year, and it gets better every year.


Last night was the 10th annual, big big Binny’s World of Whiskies event. It was bigger and better than ever. There were 75 tables holding more bottles of whiskey than we could count. There was a cake shaped like Mark Twain. Pop Tart wrapper space suits and a rocket. Live cigar rolling. A whole crowd of friendly whiskey enthusiasts. Cookies. All our rowdy friends in the spirits industry. Kilts. Cocktails. And then more whiskey.


Tons more pics of the event after the jump.


If you made it, be sure to head over to the Gallery on the Binny’s Facebook Page, where you’ll find even more pics, including pictures of you in front of the Binny’s logo wall. Tag all your friends! And like us while you’re there. See you in 2014!


3 thoughts on “World of Whiskies 2013

  1. It was a great time, as always. It did seem a little more crowded than in the past, but there were also more producers and tables represented.

    I wish the purchase discount would have been extended for the following week, like in the past, instead of just for the night of the event.

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