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World of Whiskies 2011


   On April 14th, We held our annual World of Whiskies event at our Lincoln Park store. This could have been the best whisky event ever. Or, at least a unique opportunity to mingle with the people who make the spirits you love. This year, the event features over 20 sneak previews, items that have not yet hit the market yet. Pretty cool, huh?

   Thanks to everybody for coming, and thanks to the producers who came out to share their creations with everybody.


Heavan Hill



Brown Forman



One thought on “World of Whiskies 2011

  1. I would like to thank Binny’s, Brett, and all the delightful distillers for providing us all with this wonderful evening. I look forward to it every year and plan to continue to do so for many years to come.Yours,The blond in the blue sweater (pictured above)

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