Whisky Hotline Hits the Road

The Whisky Hotline is hitting the road on the continued search for the best bottlings for our customers. I flew into Louisville last night with Binny’s Spirits consultants Joe Maloney, Doug Fornek, and Ross Macfarquhar and we’re going to be spending the day on the eastern edge of the Bourbon trail, with visits today at Four Roses, Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace.  We have recently taken in a number of new hand picked bottlings (most notably the 10 barrel vatting of Buffalo Trace, IMHO the best we’ve done to date) and are prowling for more opportunities.  Only the best and most interesting will make it back to Chicago. I will be periodically updating the trip and passing along information and new discoveries as they arise.  Please feel free to submit questions, I just might be able to get answers directly from the source!

5 thoughts on “Whisky Hotline Hits the Road

  1. Brett,If you havent already left 4Roses perhaps you can ask Jim if he has any dirt on the Suntory/Kirin rumors.Will/has Suntory negotiated any takeovers and will it effect Roses?In any case say hi to Jim and Lucille if you see her.If you make it to the Gazebo say hi to my fellow Madisonian Bob Drousth who will be encamped there.Mike Dereszynski

  2. Hey Mike, headed to the gazebo tonight, I’ll say hi to Bob. I actually just left Cox Creek (saw Patty and Al, Jim’s tied up with Bourbon Fest headaches!) and asked what the story was internally on the takeover rumors, what I’m gathering is that they’re somewhat on the sidelines over here, but as reported in the news, there are many regulatory hurdles in Japan to overcome, both companies are a bit like a General Foods, big players in a number of consumer categories (Japanese whisky and beer especially), the company word is that antitrust issues would have to be worked through.

  3. In the land famous for it’s excellent beer brewing you will find Slyrs. The facility is cradled within the Bavarian Alps. The tasting room is “heavenly” and their products divine. Their whiskey is excellent and their “Whisky Liquer” is a must have with hints of vanilla and honey. http://www.slyrs.de/ Wish you the best on your adventures to find the best whiskey. Trust me this “roadtrip” is worth it!

  4. Buffalo Trace is my favorite distillery. And Elmer T. Lee is my favorite bourbon. I’m glad that Binnys has the Buffalo Trace brand in there house. I’m always trying to educate friends about bourbon and it’s different tastes.

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