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Whiskey Hotline Hits the Road: Willett



The Whiskey Hotline’s next stop on the road through Kentucky and Tennessee? Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. You might remember our visit last summer. What has changed since? When we were there last July, the first floor of their newly renovated Warehouse A was half full of barrels. Now, the entire warehouse is nearly full. The place is buzzing. On our last visit, they were gearing up to build a grain mill and two bed & breakfasts. The mill is finished – a shipment of corn arrived and we got to watch it go up an auger and into a hopper. That was cool. And at least one of the B&B’s is done. It seems like they start a project every week, and finish one every four.


What did we taste? KBD resumed distilling in January of 2012, and we got our first taste of their young rye and bourbon after just 13 months in wood. Excited to taste them over hte next few decades. Also, they’re distilling using seven different mash bills – we were able to sneak back a bottle of their wheated bourbon recipe white dog. And it’s fantastic. After our delicious (and popular) last batch of Willetts, you know we want another round. So keep an eye out for more Binny’s Handpicked Willetts in these ages: 4 year, 6 year, 7 year, 8 year, 9 year, 10 year, and 22 year (!!!).


12 thoughts on “Whiskey Hotline Hits the Road: Willett

  1. They are really making progress at Willett. I was there in October 2012, and they really could’nt have been any nicer. I was there for a tour and no one else showed so got a private tour. Met the distiller and he was kind enough to spend a good bit of his valuable time talking with me when I am sure he had other stuff more pressing. Looking forward to going back there this October to see the progress.

  2. Any idea when the 22 is arriving? I got a bottle of the 21 and would love to get a bottle or multiple of the 22….


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