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Where’s the Nouveau?

Breaking news from the Wine Hotline:


The Thursday before Thanksgiving is best known around here as Beaujolais Nouveau release day. This year, though, it may not go so smoothly.  See, a lot of the shipments are trapped on the East Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Delays in unloading cargo from ships, fuel shortages and blocked highways are all keeping the much of the anticipated release out of Illinois, at least in the short term.


Don’t worry too much just yet, though. Binny’s will have a few labels for release this Thursday and we expect the rest to arrive a few days later. Hopefully, we’ll all have our Beaujolais Nouveau in time for Thanksgiving.


More news as we have it…

3 thoughts on “Where’s the Nouveau?

  1. Glad to hear there will be some beaujolais nouveau 🙂 We always look forward to its arrival and offer some at Thanksgiving. Will it be available in all the stores? We live closest to the Bloomington store.

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