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Updated Whiskey Hotline


   Check out our newly updated version of The Whiskey Hotline. This update includes a preview of our 2011 Hand Picked Casks program, a focus on aromatic bitters and their use in cocktails, new releases and insights into the current climate of the spirits industry. We expect more updates soon, so be sure to check back in.

   As always, you can reach The Whiskey Hotline via email at – by phone at 888 817-5898 – or by leaving a comment right here on the Binny’s Spirits Blog.


8 thoughts on “Updated Whiskey Hotline

  1. It’s true that we’re expecting Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve before the end of the month. There are a few details that we aren’t completely solid on yet. Expect more info soon.

  2. It’s the whole barrel, so we should have 30-40 six-bottle cases to spread around. The one drawback of cask strength is that there’s even less of the stuff.

  3. Hey do you know when the pepper vodka from dragon bleu will be available in your store? It’s really hard to find and the guy at the Naperville store told me that it’s not available in Illinois but the website says that it is.

  4. Jeff – do you mind if we get in contact with you via email? Might be a better place for this conversation than in the Blog Comments.

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