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Two Must Have Seasonals

Two of my favorite breweries, Three Floyds and Lagunitas, have released their latest seasonal offerings. Rabbid Rabbit represents Three Floyds, while Undercover Investigation Shut Down Ale represents Lagunitas.



Rabbid Rabbit


Rabbid Rabbit is a saison or farmhouse ale, and always comes out around Easter. This beer is an extreme version of the saison style, which is not surprising considering every Three Floyd’s beer I have come in contact with is an extreme version of the style. The color is more on the orange side, whereas most saisons that I have encountered have been a golden straw color. The thing that struck me most about Rabbid Rabbit is the candy sugar taste and smell it possess. The hard candy flavor was very unique in regards to a saison, to say the least. Besides the loads of candy sugar, the beer was a bit hot with alcohol, which can be expected since it is 9% ABV. There were a lot of floral notes going on, and the beer has a surprising drinkability. If you are looking for a standard, mellow saison, then Rabbid Rabbit might be overwhelming. If you are looking for a unique and intense version of the style, then pick some of this up. It won’t be around for long, as it is seasonal and supplies are limited.



Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale


Lagunitas last two seasonal beers, Brown Shugga and The Hairy Eyeball, are one of a kind and stellar beers that I have enjoyed on several occasions. So it should come as no surprise that I am always excited when something from Lagunitas hits the shelves. Shutdown Ale is classified as an American strong ale by some, but Lagunitas themselves classify this beer as an imperial mild. It doesn’t seem like it can be called mild judging by the 9.7% ABV, but the imperial title will work. I haven’t had a chance to enjoy this one yet, but it is the next six pack on my list of must haves. Like all seasonal beers, supplies are limited and I recommend getting your hands on some Shutdown Ale soon if you hope to enjoy it this year.


Lagunitas has also announced that they have a brand new summer beer in the works, whose name is TBD. It will be a “smoothish summer-time sort of sipper, but be warned it may be a dangerous slammer.” Look for this new summer beer to hit the shelves next month.


I’d like to raise a glass to Three Floyd’s and Lagunitas– when it comes to uniqueness, their seasonal offerings are unparalleled.


4 thoughts on “Two Must Have Seasonals

  1. Kyle,Lagunitas Hop Stoopid just got released in 22oz bombers……in our stores NOW!……I know you’re a devout hophead……have you tried it yet?

  2. Ted,I have not tried Hop Stoopid yet, but I have heard great things about it. Tonight (or any night for that matter) sounds like a perfect occasion to taste this hopped up brew.Have you, or has anyone tried Hop Stoopid yet?

  3. I picked up a bottle from the Willowbrook Binny’s yesterday…The other Binny’s should have it by now, if not next week.

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