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Tighthead Brewing Company Expanding Distribution

Tighthead Brewing of Mundelein is planning to quickly expand distribution of their beers south of Armitage Ave. This means that the beers of Tighthead will be available at several additional Binny’s locations. So far, only our Lake Zurich and Algonquin stores have been able to sell Tightheads beers because of their proximity to the brewery. Tighthead is Draft only, with several beers available in both the 1/6th and ½ barrel sizes. But there is good news on the horizon for beer lovers sans a kegerator, or those who don’t like to drink beer a keg at a time: Tighthead plans to add canning and bottling lines in mid 2013.



Tighthead offers us 4 different styles: A Blonde, IPA, Pale Ale, and Amber Ale. If you wish to order a keg of any Tighthead beer, inquire at your local Binny’s or send an email to Otherwise, keep an eye out for their delicious offerings in bottles and cans later this year.

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