The Whiskey Hotline Hits Le Rue

Brett just returned from France, from a two week mission to find the greatest Cognac has to offer. Was it a success? Well, he did bring back a bunch of samples for The Whiskey Hotline to taste. We just might have some Binny’s Handpicked Cognac in the works – if all goes well, that is. Until we have more info, check out these sweet pics from his trip:


2 thoughts on “The Whiskey Hotline Hits Le Rue

  1. If you guys can put out a store-bottled Cognac with all the care put into your whisky picks – bottled at cask strength, spared of coloring and excessive filtration, sold at a reasonable price – I will love you forever. I haven’t been able to find anything of the sort since Daniel Bouju’s Brut de Fût disappeared a few years ago.

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