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Fruits of Summer: Watermelon Beer


Few images capture summer more perfectly than a bright red wedge of fresh watermelon. Just as melons roll into stores, so do the watermelon beers. That’s right, now you can eat your watermelon and drink it too! Like a good chunk of melon, try each of these favorites first on its own, and then with a tiny pinch of salt.


Watermelon Beer

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Enjoy the Fruits of Summer: Watermelon Squeeze


Summer is coming to an end this Labor Day weekend, but it seems as if the summer heat is not ready to fade away. Stay cool by mixing up this refreshing cocktail for you and your pals. Trust us, they’ll love it.


Watermelon Squeeze

3 oz Smirnoff Watermelon
2 oz Watermelon Puree
2 oz Sprite


Simple Steps:
Mix ingredients and pour over ice. Enjoy with slices of freshly cut watermelon!


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