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Confessions of a Mixologist: The Betty


The Betty is named after a trusted friendly canine companion near and dear to our hearts. This chocolate margarita is coupe full of unique flavors. The cocoa dominates your taste buds, while a citrus bite lingers at the end. It’s refreshing and is most certainly best enjoyed outside with your furry friends. Shop the ingredients below at your favorite Binny’s.


The Betty

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Confessions of a Mixologist: Margarita Classics


Take Your Margarita to the Top Shelf. There’s a reason that when you think Mexican food, the first cocktail that comes to mind is the margarita. The citrus and sweet character is a timeless match with spicy, salty, saucy Mexican cuisine. If you’re looking to impress, these two tips will help you make the perfect, crowd-pleasing margarita:

Better Ingredients Make a Better Margarita. Start with tequila you actually like, and build from there. Milagro Reposado is delicious, a great value, and works as a solid foundation for a margarita that overdelivers. Also, try an orange liqueur with a brandy base, such as Grand Marnier, to give your drink a layer of complexity beyond the sweet orange of less expensive triple sec.


Use Fresh Lime Juice. Sure, margarita mix is an easy solution – just add tequila, right? But all that sugar tends to overpower most other flavors – from the tequila in your drink to the flavor of the food, too. Not to mention the extra calories! Fresh fruit juice and a good orange liqueur offer just enough sweetness for a fresh and balanced cocktail.

Taco Night Margarita

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The Whiskey Hotline Goes to Casa Noble


Casa Noble Tequila


We fell in love with Casa Noble years ago, after tasting the tequila and meeting owner and distiller Pepe Hermosillo. This exceptional producer uses organic 100% blue agave, distills thoughtfully and ages in heavily toasted French oak. The careful combination of agave balanced by high quality oak is breathtaking – the same quality shared with world class whisky or Cognac.


The Whiskey Hotline traveled to Casa Noble in the town of Tequila to find the best. After exhaustive tasting, we returned with two barrels each of three expressions, picking pairs of barrels to ensure supply. Of course, there are always subtle differences across single barrels, but we chose duets that downplay differences, seeking similar barrels that overdeliver within their style.

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Don Julio Airstream Speakeasy


Have you heard of Airstream Speakeasy? It’s a cool concept: they took a vintage Airstream recreational vehicle and totally fixed it up to make “the world’s most technically advanced mobile cocktail bar.” They’re teaming up with Don Julio to bring this cocktail-centric aluminum twinkie on wheels to your neighborhood – with a special stop at Binny’s Evergreen Park.


Don Julio Ambassador Jackson Miranda will be on hand to answer questions (bring  your best tequila trivia) and pour you a sample of Don Julio, both on its own and also  as the base in great cocktails that that are simple enough that you can make them at home. We’ll have an engraver on hand, for your chance to get your a special bottle of Don Julio 1942 etched with your own custom message. That would make a heck of a gift. More info after the jump…


Don Julio Airstream Speakeasy

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Binny’s Kicks Off Lollapalooza Weekend with Perry Farrell




Perry Farrell paid a visit to the South Loop Tasting Room at Binny’s. You may know him as founder and frontman of Jane’s Addiction, creator of the trendsetting festival Lollapalooza, or even as his new role, ambassador to premium tequila brand Maestro Dobel Tequila. It couldn’t of been more perfect timing with Lolla weekend upon us!



While talking to excited fans in the tasting room, Farrell mentioned he was scouted as a model while doing his day job and that eventually launched his entertainment career. Any guesses as to what his day job was? We won’t keep you guessing, he worked in liquor distribution. Funny how sometimes your life can come full circle, huh?


“When you’re going to tell your friends about a product, you gotta have belief in it,” said Perry Farrell. “I like drinking Maestro Dobel – It gets me set for creative designery. I savor it at the start and end of every show.” [via]


Looking to spot Farrell this weekend? He dropped a hint. 3pm and Shaun White are your clues. Happy Lollapalooza Weekend! And don’t forget to check out pics from Farrell’s visit on the Binny’s facebook page!

Perry Farrell is Coming to Binny’s




Lollapalooza founder and Jane’s Addiction lead singer Perry Farrell is coming to Binny’s South Loop to sign bottles of ultra premium tequila Maestro Dobel Tequila. The brainchild of Juan Domingo Beckmann Legoretta, heir to the Jose Cuervo empire, Maestro Dobel is a double distilled Reopsado aged in Hungarian White Oak and filtered for clarity, and one of the fastest growing tequilas in the world. Perry Farrell is an iconic musician and world renowned concert promoter whom is also passionate about fine tequila. Well, you should know who Perry Farrell is.


Thursday, August 1st, 4-6pm
South Loop Tasting Room
at Binny’s South Loop


No music CD’s or rock memorabilia will be signed.


Confessions of a Mixologist: Taco Night


Jalapeno. Cilantro. Mango. Margarita. YUM.


Taco Night Binny's


Cocktail GlassTaco Night


2 oz Camarena Silver Tequila
1/4 oz Luxardo Triple Sec
1 1/2 oz Mango Puree
2 oz Stirrings Margarita Mix
Slice of Jalapeno
Lime wheel
2-3 Sprigs of Cilantro


Mix together and shake. Strain into a margarita glass and garnish with lime wheel and slice of jalapeno! Aplausos!


Happy National Margarita Day!


You might think that the month of February already has too many holidays. Well, here’s a holiday we can all get behind. Join us this Friday as we celebrate National Margarita Day.


Yep. It’s a thing.


To prepare, we headed to our South Loop Tasting Room and asked our crack team of cocktail specialists for their best custom margarita recipe. Check it out:


Cocktail GlassThe Binny’s Margarita


2oz Don Julio Blanco
3/4oz Gran Torres
1/4 to 1/2oz Agave Nectar (Add more or less to taste)
2 1/2oz Fresh Lemon/Lime juice blend (Add more or less to taste)


   Give it a quick shake, strain over ice and garnish with a slated rim and lime wheel. 


That agave nectar is the secret to a great margarita. It’s cleaner in taste and naturally lower in calories than sugar or high fructose corn syrup based mixers. Special thanks to Josh, our bartender, for sharing his awesome Margarita recipe!

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The Marroquin


Are you all ready for something different? We bring you… get ready for it… “The Marroquin.”



Josh Dempsey, our South Loop bartender, is sharing his sweet treat with us! Inspired by his girlfriend (awww) he named this Spanish-french cocktail after her and mixed in a few of her favorite ingredients!


Rocks GlassThe Marroquin


1 part Partida Reposado Tequila
1 part St. Germain
1 part Agave Nectar
A pinch of fresh squeezed lemon and lime.


   Shake ingredients with ice, strain into chilled rocks glass coated with salt. It’s a one-two punch… to your mouth! Enjoy that sweet and sour mix of cocktail greatness. 

What’d you think of this love-inspired Marroquin? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Also, be sure to check out our mixology centers in participating Binny’s.


Meet Riazul Tequila Founder Inaki Orozco


Riazul Tequila has made quite a splash over the past three years, since finding a place on Binny’s shelves. We would like to offer you a chance to taste all three expressions of this intricately crafted, designer tequila, and to meet the man who literally put Riazul on the map. Come meet Riazul founder and CEO Inaki Orozco on his mini-tour of Chicago Binny’s locations:


Meet Riazul Founder Inaki Orozco

Binny’s Chicago – South Loop
Friday, April 27, 5:30-7:30 pm
Binny’s Chicago – Lincoln Park
Saturday, April 28, 1:30-3:30 pm 
Binny’s Chicago – Lakeview
Saturday, April 28, 4:00-6:00 pm 


Riazul is produced from 100% blue agave grown in the Jalisco highlands of western Mexico. Inaki has compared the agave plants to wine grapes, in that the best grapes and agave both have an important relationship with the soil and place where they are grown. Check out the history behind Riazul tequila here, or better yet, come meet him in person at Binny’s!
These are meet-and-greet events and are free of charge.

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