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Baltika: *Russian* Russian Imperial Stout


In 18th century England, a dark and malty beer known as porter grew to such popular demand that it eventually spurred the beginning of commercial brewing as we know it.  Different brewers offered varying interpretation of the style, and eventually the porters that were richer or “stouter” in character had the most appeal. One of the most famous admirers of this hearty new style of beer was Catherine II of Russia — Catherine the Great. Brewed to a formidable strength in order to prevent spoilage during its long journey to Russia, this rich and hearty brew earned the name Russian Imperial Stout. For the first time, we are excited to offer a Russian Imperial Stout actually brewed in Russia. Za Vas!


Baltika Russian Imperial StoutBaltika Russian Imperial Stout
Dark as night in the glass, aromas of rich roasted malt and allspice leap from the glass. The dry palate is accentuated by a fruitiness like prune cake and vintage port before a decadent and bittersweet finish that shows notes of dark chocolate covered caramel. Heavily roasted malts were clearly used in moderation, most likely more for color than for the dark roasted coffee flavors that dominate so many American interpretations of the style. This may not be the Imperial Stout you are used to, but it is a delicious return to form, that you don’t need to be royalty to enjoy.

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