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Celebrate World Sake Day!


Kassai to World Sake Day!

Sake. One of the worlds oldest and most intricate beverages to enjoy. Here are some Sake facts, Sake favorites and Sake cocktails to help make your #WorldSakeDay that much better!.
Three things you might not have known about Sake:
1. Sake is meant to be enjoyed, slowly. Typically in a wine or stemware glass. Of course, Sake bombs are only exception.
2. Serve your Sake chilled. Rarely is Sake served warm.
3. The key ingredients in Sake are rice, water, yeast and Koji-kin, which is what’s used to ferment the Sake. Without Koji, there is no Sake.


Ever have a hard time deciding what Sake to try? Bob Calamia, Binny’s Sake Buyer, shares his Sake favorites!
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