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Binny’s Handpicked Clyde May’s


Binny’s is proud to be the first retailer to participate in Clyde May’s single barrel journey. That’s right – get it here first. Clyde May’s is known for their Alabama style whiskey, a unique process in which they gently fold essential oils from granny smith apples into their finished high-rye bourbons, adding apple and cinnamon flavors. Their mash bill contains 55% corn, 30% rye and 15% barley. Scroll down to learn about the three we picked. We can’t promise you won’t salivate…


Clyde May's Bourbon Binny's

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Duke Bourbon Tasting with Ethan Wayne


Duke Bourbon is blended to replicate and honor the tasting notes and smoothness preferred by John Wayne. Like his father, Ethan Wayne shares a fine appreciation for a nice glass of bourbon. Stop by Binny’s Lincoln Park to sample Duke Bourbon and get your bottle signed by Ethan. That’s a tall order, pilgrim.


Binny’s Lincoln Park
Thursday, September 10th


Duke Bourbon Binny's Ethan Wayne

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Confessions of a Mixologist: Minneapolis Hustler


The taste of bourbon is a bit too austere for some. Fret not; there are some wonderful cocktails that can soften it up a bit. One such example is the Minneapolis Hustler. I came across this gem on one of my favorite mixology websites, Cocktail DB. This cocktail has much in common with a classic cocktail from years past known as the Oriental Cocktail. It’s an interesting mix of citrus, sweet and sour with a touch of subtle herbaceousness to boot.


Minneapolis Hustler

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Barrel Report – All Ten Four Roses Recipes


You know the story about Four Roses’s ten unique bourbon recipes, right? They use a combination of two mashbills and five distinct yeast strains, resulting in ten unique bourbons that act as building blocks in blending their different bottlings. We couldn’t resist finding the best of each, and for several years now, we’ve maintained our own Handpicked versions of all ten recipes. With the recent arrival of several new bottlings to fill out the lineup, we sat down to taste all the expressions at once.



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Bourbon 101


September is Bourbon Heritage Month! We’re celebrating with, well, lots and lots of bourbon.


Why does bourbon get a whole month? The US Senate declared September “National Bourbon Heritage Month” back in 2007. The bill passed with unanimous consent, and calls for consumers who enjoy bourbon to celebrate the family heritage, tradition and longstanding legacy that the bourbon industry contributes to America and the world. Whether you enjoy this classic American spirit on the rocks, neat, or in your favorite cocktail, let us know how you’re celebrating.


Bourbon Barrels

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Confessions of a Mixologist: Monte Carlo


Bourbon is back in a big way. The Manhattan, for example, has once again become many peoples’ go to way to enjoy America’s spirit. (Sure you can make a Manhattan with bourbon. Why not? -ed.) So check out this splendid reworking of the Manhattan called the Monte Carlo. The key difference is the substitution of Benedictine in place of vermouth. Benedictine is an aromatic liqueur that has been produced in France since the 18th century. If fact, B&B (Benedictine and Brandy) was one of the first packaged premixed cocktails. Benedictine is a versatile mixer and makes a great addition to any liquor cabinet. Also, if you simply mix Benedictine with bourbon, you just created a Kentucky Colonel. This distinguished elixir is perfect for sipping on your front porch as the last days of summer wind to a close.


Monte Carlo

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Confessions of a Mixologist: Eastern Sour


Give this unconventional bourbon cocktail a try. The key ingredient in this drink is Orgeat syrup, a sweet and nutty syrup familiar to Tiki devotees like myself, but a mystery to many. Do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle tout suite. This delicious almond syrup is the magical ingredient in dozens of tropical drinks, most famously the Mai Tai. While most tropical drinks use rum as the base spirit, the Eastern Sour substitutes Bourbon and the results are delicious. The Eastern Sour was created by Tiki drink legend, Trader Vic Bergeron. Below is my version which is refreshingly sour. If you want to sweeten it up a bit, just add simple syrup.


Eastern Sour

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National Bourbon Day


In attempt to prepare for National Bourbon Day, we did a bit of research. We were happy to find ten fun facts with the help of Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Binny’s Spirits Specialist, Joe Maloney.

whiskey rocks 3

1. Bourbon does in fact get its name from Bourbon County. Which, sadly, used to be a part of Virginia.

2. Bourbon was declared, “America’s Official Native Spirit”, by an act of Congress in 1964.

3. The mash bill of Bourbon must include a minimum 51% corn.

4. Bourbon must be aged in New charred American White Oak barrels.

5. Maker’s Mark, Pappy VanWinkle, Weller, Old Fitzgerald (Larceny),and Rebel Yell all use wheat in their recipe. Others use Rye.
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Binny’s Derby Mint Julep


It’s time for the Kentucky Derby! We’re celebrating with a classic – you guessed it – a Mint Julep. Of course our favorite is a Buffalo Trace Mint Julep. We headed to the South Loop Tasting Room for this not-so-secret recipe:


Derby Mint Julep
2 1/2 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
2 oz Water
4 Sprigs of Mint
Muddle the sprigs of mint with the simple syrup. Pour in bourbon and water. Serve on the rocks with a mint sprig garnish!