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Drink Alsace Online Seminar & Tasting


Binny’s is excited to celebrate the Wines of Alsace this month. We first told you about it in this post on the Binny’s Blog. Now we have more details about the online interactive tasting hosted by Chicago’s very own wine educator Patrick Fegan. Here’s the snapshot.


Drink Alsace – Wines of Pure Expression
Interactive Seminar with Patrick Fegan
June 28th, 2012
4-6pm: Open Forum Discussion
6-7pm: Interactive Webcam Tasting



Along with Patrick, several Chicago journalists will join us online for the discussion and tasting. Plus the charming @BinnysBev may make an appearance. It should be lively and informative. Even we hope to learn some new things.


Okay, the event is being hosted at TasteLive, so click here before the discussion and tasting to see more details and to set up a TasteLive account. It’s pretty easy – you can sign in with twitter or set up a new username and password. Isn’t social integration cool?


Next, you’re going to want to grab the wines we’re tasting from a Binny’s before the night of the event. These were all selected as affordable examples of the range and style of Alsace, and because they’re available at most Binny’s locations.





We’re pretty stoked on this event, and we hope you can join us online. If not, don’t miss out on the free, in-store, staff-pick Alsace tasting happening the following Saturday, June 30th, at all Binny’s locations. And celebrate Alsace!

Celebrate the Wines of Alsace


During the month of June, Binny’s Beverage Depot is teaming up with Wines of Alsace to celebrate some of the greatest (and most affordable!) white wines from France.


You know Alsace, right? It’s that little region that stretches along France’s eastern border, tucked in next to Germany, running along the west bank of the Rhine. The region is famous for its dynamic take on white varietals – riesling, pinot gris, gewurztraminer, and more. These wines often carry a fresh, focused style that offers versatile pairing with an array of foods – from Thai to Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, French, Mexican … the list goes on….



So what are we doing to celebrate?

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Binny’s Mailbag: Henri Kieffer Pinot Blanc Alsace


Another great question pulled from the Binny’s Mailbag:


   One of my colleagues had this wine in France and raved about it. Ive looked at your site as well as a google search on where I might be able to find it with no luck. Ive attached a picture of the bottle. Is this something you are able to order or know where I might be able to?

Thank you!



Hi C.K. –

Thanks for the question (and the picture! – always helpful.)

Unfortunately, it looks like Henri Kieffer Fils doesn’t have a U.S. importer. Most estates in Alsace have very small production and don’t often see wide distribution.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try some awesome wines. We do have a couple of particular favorites in Alsace Pinot Blanc if you’re open to suggestions. Give these a try:

 – 2009 Gustave Lorentz Pinot Blanc has really nice balance and subtlety.

 – 2009 Albert Mann Pinot Blanc has a little more character, a little more crisp than the Lorentz.

2009 Zind Humbrecht Pinot Blanc  This is one of the best pinot blancs we’ve had. Made organically by a Master of Wine, the Zind Humbrecht really steps up the concentration and richness while keeping the great balance.

These will all be in the same ball park as the Henri Kieffer in their flavor profiles. We hope this helps. Thanks for the question!


– Binny’s Mailbag