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Save the Date for Binny’s Taste at the Track


   Binny’s is excited to announce the date for our big spring event! Following the success of Taste at the Track last September, we’re planning two more big tastings at Arlington this year. The first:


Taste at the Track
Arlington Park
Binny’s Beverage Depot
June 2nd, 2012


   This tasting will feature more than 300 of the newest releases from all around the wine world, plus food from local restaurants, mini-seminars, entertainment and the excitement of live horse racing. If you have any doubts at all, check out these photos from last year’s event. Good times.

   We’ll open up ticket sales in April. Expect admission to be $25. Watch the Binny’s Blog for more info as we have it. See you at the Track!

11 thoughts on “Save the Date for Binny’s Taste at the Track

  1. To be honest, we’re bummed too. It’s off the table, so we’re looking forward to making Taste at the Track and other events the absolute best.

  2. Greg – I had a blast at this event last year and cannot wait to attend again! If we are on Binny’s email blasts, should we be receiving an email about this event, or would it be best to check back at the blog? Thanks!

  3. Glad you had a good time! For info as we have it, keep an eye on your email inbox, but of course we’ll post everything here as well.

  4. Any chance you will do an event at the Chicago Botanic Gardens? Those were great events. Horse racing is a nasty industry.

  5. We did enjoy our events with the Chicago Botanic Garden, but we’re not working with them right now. Thanks for the input!

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